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The Complete Thyroid Book

Dr Kenneth Ain

This doctor is a leading expert in some of the more difficult thyroid cancers but also has findings in regards to Papillary thyroid cancer. Stating that RAI doses are NOT high enough initially and what this is doing is helping the cancer to become "immune." Thinking of it like someone taking too many antibiotics which ultimately results in higher tolerant diseases.

He argues against the concept that there is a lifetime limit of RAI and has given doses as high as 600-900 for people with lung mets like myself. He says it's important to find someone who will perform I-131 dosimetry which is a method used to find out what the highest dose an individual can tolerate without harming their bone marrow.

He is no longer taking new patients and I'm currently looking into other doctors who believe this same principle.

He is:
Director Thyroid Oncology Program University of Kentucky
Division of Endocrinology & Molecular Medicine
Director of Thyroid Cancer Research Lab

Contact information: 
He answers questions online at yahoo groups.
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