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6 month check up Good News

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Hi everybody,

I had my 6 month check up with my correctol dr and all thats left is scar tissue, and he said he doesn't think I will be having a reccurance. He wants to see me in a year, which is fine with me because I have my onco, who examines me as well and I see him about every 4 months. Healing thoughts to everyone. Lori

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Congratulations on your great news! I'm so very happy for you! It seems most of us hear that there is scar tissue--how could there not be after the microwaving we received! Your doctor sounds quite confident and that has to be very encouraging. I wish you continued good reports!


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That is great news!

lil lady
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I am 15 months post treatment just had a CT scan, and colonoscopy and all is clear ..I am feelng great... Stillhave a few issues to deal with but overall feel great

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So happy for the both of you. I love to read good news like this, just lifts me up.

Healing to all,

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Congrats on all of your clear exams! That's wonderful and I'm very happy for you! Glad to hear you are feeling so good.

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Hi Lil Lady,

Good for you and your great results. Its always great to hear good news, and the fact that your feeling great. Lori

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To Lori and Lil Lady - this was the second batch of good news I have heard today...congrats to both of you. My friend Laine who has lung cancer had her 6 month scan and all is clear as well. What a great day. My heart is so lifted. Be well, Marilyne

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Awesome news!!!! CONGRATS!

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Great news both Lori and lil lady!!!! Keep them NEDs coming!

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