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newly diagnosed with no insurance

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Hi, I was diagnosed the end of July with a B cell lymphoma. I was alright with that diagnosis and somewhat prepared. My problem is I do not have insurance, and I have applied for our state insurance. It has been a nightmare. I cannot get treatments started until this goes through. I am hoping it will be at the end of this week. Any suggestions??

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Lisa I can only imagine the hoops you're jumping through with insurance, etc.

I know some hospitals/cancer care centers have charity care. I would get in touch w/ the financial assistance/social worker and see what they can help you with. They might have other resources to assist you and help w/ the paperwork & process while you are waiting for the State health care to kick in.

Hope this helps, I am the caregiver for my BF who has leukemia/B cell lymphoma.

Take care,

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Hi Lisa,

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Here is a link to the leukemia/lymphoma society. They may have some resources for you.


Good Luck, I wish you all the best.

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The LLS has a co-pay program that could help you out, however it does require that you have health insurance in order to qualify. If you can get an insurance plan you can then apply for the program for up to a $5,000 benefit, which you could use to help cover your policy.

If private insurance isn't an option for you, there could possibly be some coverage options available to you from your state. I suggest calling your local LLS chapter for more specific guidance.

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Hi Lisa,
I see that there is a lot of good advice coming your way. Also, sometimes the drug companys will give you the drugs.
BTW Welcome and please join us on the lymphoma board. There is a ton of great folks with loads of experience to share with you..
peaceful healing

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Hi, Lisa. Hope you are doing well. My stepdaughter was diagnosed with leukemia 3.5 years ago, and is doing reasonably well. She stays calm by not thinking about it. Now (as of yesterday) a cousin's husband was told he has the beginnings of cancer. They are just freaking out. I do all of my own research, find my own treatments and protocols no matter how unusual, and so forth but most folks don't have the desire or ability to investigate when their world is crumbling around them. My question is: How can I help my cousin to calm down and make the best possible choice? You seem cool ("okay with that") so I thought I would ask you. Thanks.

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The words that helped me the most as everything crumbled were, "I'm here for you, whatever it takes".

Hold your cousin's hand, offer your support and let him tell you what he needs and wants. Respect his choices. Don't force information if not requested.

This is a very difficult time and sometimes the best intentions are mis-perceived. As a patient, a lot is happening and a lot of information is being given. Un-solicited information gets to be too much to handle, so proceed with caution and always with support.

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Hi Lisa, I got medicaid medically needed. They gave to me with sharing cost but still help me a lot. As long when you got to the doctor the bill is more than you share cost they will pay for the whole bill.

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