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Not good news

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My husband was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in June of 2006. He began zolodex treatments, after his psa went over 50 for prostate cancer. In Nov of 2009, he became hormone resistant. He got very ill in Dec., and had to be hospitalized with renal failure, hypercalcemia, and other problems. They did a turp on him, and when his bleeding wouldnt stop and the cancer began going into the bladder, they did a kidney stint on him....He got better...In January, he began docetaxel. He started doing okay, but the chemo had to be delayed a couple of times because of his creatin levels...He also was hospitalized again in June with kidney problems, and electrolytes all out of whack. They stablized him, and he had radiation treatments to shrink the tumor. We thought it was a success...And, he continued chemo in August. His psa was undetectible on August 13, but on September 13th, it went up to 122. WE understand that a bounce of a point or so is normal, but cannot believe it bounced that high. He has two more treatment...after the one this week, and it will be over...WE are hoping this is a fluke, because he is feeling very well. Before when his psa was over 100 he couldnt move, and he was very miserable. Now, he is walking, talking, eating, enjoying life again. But, he either developed radiation cystitis or an infection, because he is still passing clots and some blood. The Doctor prescribed more antibiotics yesterday. We are thinking about trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the bleeding, and DMSO INFUSIONS FOR THE ROGUE CANCER CELLS.

If anybody has any ideas about nutriton, supplements, clincal trials, or alternate treatments let me know...I just ordered the book Life Over Cancer and it will be here soon...Pls let me know if anybody knows about oxygen therapy and DMSO treatments...WE have an appointment with the natureopathic physician tomorrow, and we feel like it is worth a try. Everyone says DMSO has very little toxicity, and it can be given along with chemo.


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This is an important post to rmind us what we are up against. And our sympathies as a group, I am sure, are with you and your husband.


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Thank you for your words...but we arent ready to give up the fight yet. Jeannie

hopeful and opt...
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don't give up the fight..............we are with you

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