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Ablation sugery

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Am considering Ablation surgery for SVT and am apprehensive. Would like other's experiences and opinions on the procedure. Is it an easy in and out like promoted....or more dangerous than admitted.

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I, at one time, considered ablation for my atrial fibrulation (heart arythmias) but haven't heard the term SVT before. What is it because I know there are different ablations for different medical issues. Blessings, Bluerose

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Bluerose, what ever happened with your DR wanting to retake the urine tests a week ago? You were frantic when talking about it.

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Hi. Thanks for asking about that. Well, I called her offices first thing Monday to ask her what she meant when she left that message that the results were 'borderline' but she neglected to say WHAT was borderline and told the nurse that to just leave that kind of message is hard on a two time cancer survivor. Anywho I asked her to ask the doctor what was borderline ?

I called back a couple of days later as I needed to give them some info and asked about my question, still hadn't heard anything, and the nurse said that she gave the doctor the message and I guess that's where it ended. Didn't bother to call me to ease my mind at all and in fact now it's worse cause now I am thinking that she is thinking cancer too and now that she knows that I'm worried she wants to get results back til she talks to me again. I get that but it's the first call that she irresponsibly left for me that started me worrying in the first place. Heart you should have heard the tone on that message she left - like it was a very grave finding. Sheeesh. So haven't heard a thing.

I had to process everything cause this is scaring me as there are a ton of symptoms I am having that are new. The nurse did say though that the borderline issue centered around the metanephron and so of course I looked that up and that led me to some medical issue that sounded like it was written with me in mind. Tons of symptoms that I had, except for the headache one, itching bouts and all kinds of things I have been plagued with and it comes down to a tumour on or around the adrenal glands but can present other places too, like at the base of the spine. NOw that is of interest to me because on CT scans a 'fuzzy' image was seen like 4 years ago but since I have arthritis they just assumed that is what it was. For some reason I never bought that.

Anywho the diagnosis of this thing comes from urine tests then CT's and an MRI but I can't have MRI's because of my pacemaker (damage to my heart from chemo drugs is one opinion).

Anywho Monday I go get the supplies to start the stupid 48 hour test again, redo it and then wait to hear from the insensitive doctor who left that first message. If this is anything and I pray it isn't I will find another internal specialist who knows how to treat a patient right. This last one just left me twisting in the wind. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Sorry you asked? lol.

Thanks again for remembering, hope you are well. Blessings, Bluerose

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