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The Dratted Common Everyday Cold!

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Grrrrrrrr! I got hit Wednesday evening with the dratted common cold that goes around like wildfire every Fall. Normally (lucky me), I rarely get them. I have no idea why I don't ... maybe just the luck of the draw. But not so lucky this week. I have the COLD and OMG it has got to be one of the most miserable things a person can catch! Seriously, maybe I'm just being a big old wimp, or maybe it's because I so rarely get them that when I do, it really packs a punch, but I am MISERABLE!! ::HONK HONK SNIFFLE SNIFFLE ATCHOO:::

It is a combination of running nose, sore throat, head congestion, bronchial congestion, light headed, dizzy and the feeling my head is going to explode. Other than that, I'm fine ;)

I noticed I was getting it Wednesday evening, and knowing I had my blood lab and appt. with my oncologist today, with the plan being that I will start the next round of chemo (Xeloda) on Monday, I fired off a quick email to her yesterday and gave her the heads up that I am coming down with a cold and since there are signs all throughout the building that if you have a respiratory problem or virus, then to not come in because it puts other patients in danger. She said to wait until today and see how I'm feeling because sometimes these things clear up very quickly or are not that intense. Well, sure enough, today it's worse than ever... well, as far as a cold can be worse. I mean, it's JUST a cold for heaven's sake!

So, she called today to see how I was feeling and I told her "Great!! If you think feeling run over by a Big Mack Truck is great, then I'm feeling just fine . I told her that I could drag myself in... and while I was sitting around waiting between the blood lab and the appt. with her, I could be feeling sorry for myself", so she laughed and said "Let's reschedule your appts. for Monday. YAYAYAYA!!! I don't have to be sitting around while I feel like kaka!!

Besides... chances are the blood work is going to be somewhat wonky because of the cold... so it's probably just as well that we wait a couple of days... and hope this thing blows over pretty quickly!

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Nana b
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My daughter had the same symptoms and had a sinus infection.

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Yep it is that time of the year.

My daughter had it and took a couple of weeks for it to totally go away. She has school age children who willingly share whatever is going around in school. And then of course everyone in the family gets it. Seems never ending.

Too bad the common cold doesn't act like other contagious things like mumps or chicken pox...like once you get it you get immune!

Hope you got the short version this time around. Chicken soup, favorite drink, a good book, and lots of tissues are the prescription...with lots of sofa time in your 'snuggie' or soft blankie.

Feel better soon.

Marie who loves kitties

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Hope you feel better soon!

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I'm so sorry! My favorite treatment for this is hot tea with honey. Soothes the throat and just helps you feel good all over. Hope you're doing much better by tomorrow!


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Gosh I sure hope you are feeling better! Its been a few days, has it gotten any better?


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Even though it is only a cold it can make anyone miserable and down right cranky. Hoping that you feel better real soon. Eat some soup and have some hot chocolate :)


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Hi Cheryl,

Sorry you've gotten hit with this nasty cold! I would right away start in with everything you can throw at it- hot green tea, echinacea, vitamin C, acai berry, and whatever else you can think of that will help!

Get well soon-

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I hope you are feeling much better now.

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Yikes. Can put a man on the moon but can't cure the common cold. How many times have we heard that one? I have some serious allergies and sometimes it's hard to tell a cold from the flu from the allergies. I sure hope you are feeling better. Make sure you baby yourself, keep warm and cuddle up with something comforting.

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Hi gang.... sorry I haven't reported in. It feels like I've had this cold/bronchial/flu bug for months, but it really hasn't even been a full week yet. And yes, it's starting to break up now. I did go in for my re-scheduled appts. yesterday and I hated being there because of the waiting, waiting, waiting between appts. Suffice it to say, my platelets/blood counts were good (this being a viral infection does not affect the blood counts) so technically I could have started my chemo again yesterday as scheduled. But my oncologist decided that starting the chemo is not going to help me get over this virus any faster and I could use the extra week to give it a fair shot of getting over it. So we have postponed starting the chemo (Xeloda) until next Monday. She reassured me that giving an extra week's break is not going to effect the effectiveness of the treatments... it just means that I'll be on the chemo that one more week into December.

I will be starting Round 6 on Monday and the plan is to do 8 Rounds. Of course, the next CAT scan is scheduled for December so if it is showing that everything is still shrinking and no signs of stopping, then we may go another couple of rounds into the new year ;)

Meanwhile... I'll be happy when I get over this cold/bronchial bug... not only does one feel rotten, it is really draining of the energy! The only savings grace is, it is not just me... it seems a lot of folk I know are getting this and they all are complaining of the same thing!

I hope you all are managing to avoid it!!


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these early autumnal colds are so hard....I was in my GP's office last week and the place was packed with people wearing face masks all coughing and hacking and spewing away so I think it is everywhere right now.

I hope you are finding the xeloda not toooo bad. I think it is a pretty good chemo...but I can imagine that the cold plus the xeloda would make you really tired.

take good care of yourself


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Hope you get better soon!

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It works WONDERS!!!!

Also, another thought...if you can catch something 'normal' like the flu, it MUST mean you are getting back closer to normal, yourself...I always said "I am healthy enough to get a normal cold!"....


Hugs, Kathi

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