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Scrotom Pain

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I am 5 weeks post RP. I have been having pain in my scrotom as well as tenderness of my testicles since the RP although it seeems to be worse the past few weeks. The tenderness extends somewhat into my groin. I discuss with my surgeon and he perscibed 5 days of antibiotics as he thought I might have an infection. No improvement after the antibiotics. Has anyone else expereinced this? Is it normal for post RP? If so, how long can I expect it to continue?

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I had scrotum pain after biopsy. I went away after surgery and came back intermittently and then went away. I am 3.5 month past surgery. Unlikely to be infection if you dont have fever, weakness or swelling. May want to get an ultrasound of the scrotum to rule out and abnormality But my guess is that it will go away overtime. My penis hurt for a long time after surgery and then it went away. Surgery effect the whole system which penis, scrotum and urethra are a part of that. They get sore and then it takes time to recover from the process. Good luck...seem rest of the recovery has gone well for you

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I agree with Chitown and I had the same post surgery effects but all went away!!! Based on my recovery I believe it takes about a year for everything to get back to "normal" and I am out about 7 months.... Best to you

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bdhilton and Chitown,
thanks to both of you for the feedback. It is comforting to hear others had similar symptoms and they went away over time. What I have really appreciated about this discussion board is the ability to ask any question, regardless of how odd it might be, not feel uncomfortable asking it, and then getting great feedback and answers.

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