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Travel fears

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Hi All,
Just wanted to ask any of you about travel. I booked our flights to Florida, and now I am getting worried. I've been trying to save what little energy I have. The though of flying cross country with all my fatigue concerns me. But, I didn't have a lot of choice. Now seemed the best time to visit mom in law. We will be going with her to Moffit Hosp. for her tx. Since I have my Rads set for Nov. and flying will be out for me. I plan on resting as much as I can. Any thoughts or tips on traveling would be great.
Hope your Sunday is peaceful and healing...

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I don't know what to say about traveling. The thought of something going wrong is always in the back of your mind. I was wore out a few weeks ago just like you and traveled to Md. from NC. Those thoughts were there as they are with you. Never thought I would get an impacted tooth. Well. I did and the pain was terrible. I called my Onc. nurse and asked for some antibiotics and pain meds. She said sorry but we can't do anything out of state. Why, I asked and she said its the law. I never heard of such a thing. She suggested going to a clinic or the ER. I was left with my finger up my butt. I am not saying that would happen to you, but that is what happened to me. If it never would have happened I would still be thinking I was covered no matter where I went. Its just something to think about. John

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Hi Lisha,
I always seem to get a slight cold or congested after flying. I think it's the re-circulated air on the plane that causes this. I think I would wear a surgi mask if I was to fly anywhere... just to be on the safe side. Be sure to tell us when you fly out..ok? I'm having a good day so far...plumbing is back on track and haven't crashed as of yet..."Yes"!!! Hubby made a delicious pot roast with potatoes and carrots for Sunday diner. Hope all is good with you too.....Love...Sue

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I agree with sue. Face mask, lots of purell or wipes whatever they will allow you to have on a plane. Lots of handwashing and as much rest as you can. Talk to your doc about going first though just to be on the safe side. You don't need more trouble.

Be careful, lots of germs on a plane and in the airport, taxi, hotel, restaurants.

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