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Hi there,
Long story short, I have been having blood in my stool as well as pain under my right rib cage, bloating and back pain. I had a CT scan and colonoscopy, which both came back normal, except for tiny luncencies in my liver, too small to characterize, likely representing cysts. My doctor said anything this small wouldn't cause pain. I just recently had an ultrasound which showed everythign, including liver, was clear. My liver and CEA were all normal too. How accurate are colonscopies and ultrasounds at detecitng tumors? and how often is liver enzymes and CEA elevated in symptomatic liver cancer? Thanks!!!

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long story short, my dad has 2 ultrasounds because he was having abdominal pain they were both negative. Pain wouldnt go away, so i brought him to the ed 2 months later he had a ct there which showed a large mass that turned out to be primary liver cancer. I would recommend and MRI because they can pick things up that a ct and ultrasound cant. As far as colonocopy, those are very accurate! Good luck keep us posted.

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Getting little scared from this Sarah.,

I'm in the early of 30's..

now a about 4 weeks I feel kind of dull ache in the right upper area. Went to the doctor, and had blood tests. All came normal except the gamma GT and had an ultrasound..

Ultrasound came up with a mild fatty liver.. Now I read that this kind of pain is possible with fatty liver but now after i read your post , I am just so afraid to have liver cancer..

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dont be afraid abdominal pain can be one of a thousand things. Although my father had fatty liver and was why they couldnt see the mass on the ultrasound. I am an ICU nurse and let me tell you something. Doctors are wrong much of the time! dont trust them trust your instinct. My dad switched primary care doctors he complained for 3 months on the same pain that would come and go they never ordered a CT and they should have. I made him go to the ER because I knew they would do a better work up. I would puch your doctor to do a cat scan its better to be safe and if it is anything serious finding it early is key!

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