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The appointment went well today I suppose. I do have to have a colonoscopy :( which is what I was afraid of. I SO did NOT enjoy the first one I had a few years ago. He doesn't believe it's anything serious. He thinks it's just irritable bowel. I told him I've had irritable bowel for years and never had this type of pain, so we'll see. I am supposed to take Miralax for 2 weeks and then we'll see what the colonoscopy shows. He agreed it was time since I am close to 50.

He said at this point that surgery would be maybe 1-2% success and those odds are just not worth it to me. I hope he's right and it's not anything to be concerned about, but you know that niggling thought that just won't go away? It's there, and he understands. I just want to feel better you know?

It's not scheduled till Oct 6th.

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Hi Beth,
I do understand your worry and concerns. I have had a lot of those lately. I am glad that you went to see the Dr and that you are going to have the colonoscopy, even if it is no fun... You will at least be fully informed to anything that may show up. I'll think only positive thoughts for you.
Peace and healing..

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I know how you feel about those colonoscopys. I have had 2 and they are not pleasant at all. I have to have 1 every year till I have no polyps at all. I had a few but they were not serious. No cancer, but they can all develope into something later. Thats why they remove them. Its a preventive measure. Most people do have them. As soon as I have an exam and none are present I get to go 5 years. Sure wish there was a different method. As you know that is where colon cancer starts, from those harmless polyps. If not taken care of there is a small chance they could develope into colon cancer. They consider all colon polyps as potential growths that could become cancerous years down the road.It still does not make the exam a picnic does it?
I know how you feel about those 1-2% odds too. I never won anything in my life, but with my luck I would win that 1-2% odds,at least in my mind anyway. I am sure everyone thinks that way when they sit and dwell on something. Yep, thats me, King of the Dwellers.

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Hi Beth,
I know you want to feel better and its terribly hard to do when things keep popping up and another trip to the doctor is needed. Hubby got his colonoscopy this year, but he fought me tooth and nail trying to get out of it. Once it was done, and all was good, he was glad he got it done for the peace of mind. He said he wasn't ever doing it again, but if he has to, he will. You have a little more time before you have to get it done, so try to relax and not worry about it..(I know..easier said than done), but it's "Fall", so enjoy the changing of the season. This is my very "MOST" favorite time of year...wish it could be Autumn all year long! Hang in there Beth, and I'm glad you scheduled the surgery...better safe than sorry!....Love...Sue

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Glad to hear, and I think we all know that feeling of wanting to just feel better, it would be nice!!!! As far as the colonoscopy I had three all ready, they found polyps, I personally think it's a piece of cake, considering all of the stuff we all go through! hahahaha, the secret is to schedule the procedure first thing in the morning, and don't eat the jello!!! More to come out.... if you know what I mean! wink.....wink Vinny

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Glad to know that your appointment went reasonably well. It's nice when the MD is positive but I do understand also the worries we all have in the back of our minds. For me at least I know it's a defensive strategy and I think that's OK. I want for you to feel better too. All the best,Mary

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