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What a wonderful site

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What a wonderful site. Daily I am amazed by the compassion, understanding and helpfulness that is offered to frightened posts from patients and/or their caregivers, still in shock from the diagnosis or suffering grief from the loss of a loved one. I know it has been of great benefit to us. If you are a caregiver you might identify with the "we" of the situation. As soon as my husband's journey began, it became our journey. "We" were taking chemo. "We" were undergoing radiation. "We" had appointments to keep. Quite frankly, I didn't use the "We" when it came to the surgery. That was solely his to endure; I just cheered on the sidelines. Seemingly, I got carried away with "We." During this ordeal, I had to call our family doctor's office for an appointment. As I was making the appointment, I said to the very helpful lady on the phone, "'Our'" husband needs to see Dr. so and so." She started laughing and said, "I already have enough trouble handling one husband, and I'm not going to share yours." I started laughing. So, now, every time, we need to schedule an appointment and are at his office, she always asks, "How's 'our' husband doing?" Today, I pointed her out to my husband and told him, "That's your other wife." We all thought it funny. It was good to laugh. As you continue to deal with this terrible disease, I hope there are many times when you can be relieved by sharing some laughter. It makes one feel good.
P.S. Then there was the email I sent to our friends who were following his progress and I was informing them of the upcoming test to see if the new esophagus was sealed and not leaking. I sincerely asked them to pray that my husband didn't leak. Needless to say, that got a lot of comments and required a correction on my part.

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I found the CSN network in late July when I was diagnosed with stage IVb EC. Everyone here is so supportive in sharing their journeys with each other. I check it out daily and have had excellent advice along the way.

Tomorrow will be my first CT scan results since chemo began. I'm praying for positive results.

Thanks for posting your thoughts! Love the humor!


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We are praying that your scan shows the chemo to be working. Hope you have positive results.

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Hi Mary, My husband has always refered to my cancer and treatment as our's. When one is as close as we are, it did become our journey. We have been married 48 years and he is my rock. I enjoyed your sharing your story. Laughter is so wonderful.

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