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Hallucinating one moment, totally fine the next

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Spent all day yesterday at the ER with my dad. A couple of days ago he started seeing things, talking out of his head. We didn't get a real answer to why his was happening...maybe low sodium?! It was a frustrating day that ended with learning that the cancer in his neck was dying, but it reappeared in his jaw

Everything has happened so quickly since his neck dissection in April. We were so excited and hopeful, last week he had his g-tube removed and his port. He had a couple of really good days.

Now I don't know if I should laugh or cry. God bless all of you.

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Pam M
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Bless your heart. Did your dad get dehydrated? My dad went through a bout of having an "electrolyte imbalance" last summer. It was scary and heartbreaking (hallucinations, not knowing people or places - totally altered personality). We (hospital asked if I could go with him) were in the hospital for a few days - he seemed to get worse at first - a few days later, started making fast progress. He was fine after that. Thankfully, he had no memory of the "weird" days.

Very exciting to hear that cancer in the neck is no longer a threat - sorry to hear about the jaw - do you have a game plan yet, or do you need to wait 'til your dad gets better? Hope he's feeling more himself very soon. You, too.

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