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So my mom is now on hospice care from SCLC w/brain and spine mets.

My mother-in-law has esophogeal cancer.

They now suspect my husband (36yrs old) has colon cancer....results soon......

I can ONLY take so much, all of us......Elysia


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    That sounds like my neighborhood. We just read in the paper that we are on the edge of an area where the cancer rate is higher than average! I wondered when they figured that out! Just because I've had 2 kinds of cancer (lung and breast) my two neighbors to the south had breast cancer and the other had lymphoma, and the 2 neighbors to the north had a brain tumor and the other lung cancer, they think we might be higher than the national average. We've tested the water, radon levels, and such and everything seems normal. Except our health. Sometimes all you can do is take it one day at a time, make all your doctor visits, and do the best you can to treat it when it shows up. I can't wait till they find a cure or a way to prevent this stuff.