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mother of all strictures

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Howdy friends.

The ENT Dr G and GI Dr Hewett sent me back to surgeon Dr G (no relation, not the same Dr) to deal with the esophageal stricture that prevents *anything* from going down. I cannot swallow my own spit. I cannot burp. It's bad. The trapped Chilean coal miners have a better chance than my stomach to ever see the light of day.

The good Dr G (he really is good) gave me the bad news no one else (apparently) wanted to. After a thorough exam he concluded that the stricture is so bad that it unlikely that food will ever pass. That's just the way it is. However Dr G is determined to open it and wants to give it a try. He says even though these cases usually do not work out, he thinks due to the soft quality of my mucosa, my general good health, and my attitude, I am an excellent candidate for dilation(s). He thinks I have a good chance at "having the cup of coffee, but probably not the steak".

The procedure will happen in October and I'll keep you posted.

I'm a bit bummed but I'm alive and can do the time while stuff heals. If it does mean I'll live on smoothies the rest of my life maybe I'll write a smoothie cookbook.



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Glenna M
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Sorry to hear the bad news but with your attitude I know you will make it through this also.

If you write the smoothie cookbook please let me know and I will order one ;-)

Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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Not the best news... but your attitude is awesome!. Life is still good!.. go, live, enjoy!.. Take care, wfl

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Hey Mick
sorry i might have missed previouse posts.
Can u fill me in on the stricture; type, causes etc and on yr present situation.
Your gonna be fine- youl find the way - youll see.

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Mic, I have always admired your attitude. I'm sorry about the stricture. Check out the oral cancer foundation blog; there is some good people on that site that had stricture issues and had successful dilation's!! God Bless Brother!! Big Huggs!



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The stricture is a bad type - completely closed. It's bad mainly because now my chances for pneumonia have just gone up by an order of magnitude. It as caused by radiation although the esophagus received less than other areas in the mucosa. My present situation is 5+ months post-treatment and doing very well. June PET was NED.

I'll be fine one way or another. It's whether or not I'll be fine with wine, or beer, or a burger, that is in question. Fingers crossed!



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I'm pulling for you Mick! You are an inspiration.


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I love how you can see the positive in everything. You can make a smoothie out of anything.

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Mick, I have good feelings about this. The esophagus is tissue, and tissue, even scar tissue, should be able to be stretched given time and force. You want it bad enought that I just know this is going to happen for you. I can't wait to hear the good stories after this is all over.

Kent Cass
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Ah, I didn't know about this. Goes without saying, Mick, that I am sorry to learn of this. I know if anyone can overcome this obstacle it is you. And you must know that you are in all of our thoughts and Prayers. Ain't a one of us who've been here since you joined that's gonna let a day go by without thinking of you, and this battle you're in. Hope you'll find a way to keep us informed on what's what post-surgery, because we're all gonna be kinda anxious about how things went, and how you're doing. Know that we're all here to help as best we can, brother.



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You know Kent this is just another bump in the road. I'm setting my expectations rather low in this case - I hope that I'll be able to swallow my spit to avoid the increased likelihood of pneumonia. If I never eat another In-N-Out Burger (sigh) that would be just fine as long as I can avoid an infection in my lung(s) by keeping the sputum out of there.

LOL - we sure post a lot of TMI here don't we?

I very much appreciate your best wishes and thoughts and prayers.



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Attitude Attitude Attitude

Mick I have believed for 14 plus years that attitude is everything. You certainly have a Great Positive Mental Attitude.

Will all of us and so many others sending prayers your way soon you will be drinking more that smoothie's.

God Bless You!


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There is a condition that babies are born with where their esophagus is blocked and no food can get to their stomach (esophageal atresia) 50 years ago they used to open up the baby's body from back almost to front under the armpit to repair the blockage. I understand this extreme surgery is no longer needed, and there is a less invasive way to correct the problem.
I wonder if how they treat this condition in newborns can somehow be helpful to your stricture situation.

Regardless what I hear you writing is that whatever comes you will embrace life and make the best of it. You will define your own quality of life, and it may not be based on a burger and fries but something much bigger. Your positive attitdue is clear!!

Good Luck with surgeon who is willing to try.

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Jan Trinks
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Sorry to hear about this but love your attitude. That is so important. Charlie always kept a great attitude no matter what. God Bless and you're in my prayers.

Jan Trinks

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D Lewis
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You WILL be able to accomplish miracles.


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Pam M
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Hoping for the best possible outcome. Hope you can do the dilations, and they work. Hoping you write a smoothie recipe book anyway.

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Pam M
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really really hoping all goes well

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Hey Mick, so sorry to hear about this. Hope the good Dr G can work some magic for you. Cheers buddy


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Hey Mick,

Wishing the best for you.


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I too am sorry to hear this, but as you know never give up hope. I am glad to see you have a doctor who is willing to help.

You will be in my thought my friend.

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You da Man !! You're gonna make it, and get rid of that dang tube. I found out yesterday that radiation somehow made a small hole in my voice box area, which formerly had been hidden by scar tissue. Doc seems to think it's no big deal, as long as it doesn't get larger. Ah yes.....radiation, the gift that keeps on giving. So, I've got an extra hole in my throat if you wanna borrow it. :) Hang in there, man.


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Mick your attitude is phenomenal ... you could be a motivational speaker for sure. Praying that Dr. G has success with those dialations ---& that the stricture stretchs pullllll through & you get that burger & fries. Hugs

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Posts: 430
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Really was just updating my status, but man I'm getting all ferklempt at the gush of loving energy and support. I am really really really really grateful for all the kindness.

I'll keep you posted.

Hondo - One of my favorite movies is Galaxy Quest. I like it for a lot of reasons (I am a former filmmaker and film scholar and I use it a lot to talk about movies in a formal sense - drives my friends crazy). But there is a line in it that ties the character themes together nicely and I adopted it when I got sick. Now all my friends say it or respond to it (it's a two part phrase) when they greet me.

Recently my amazing 6-year-old son (remember the 3 Rocks story?) got on the mic at our 'Mick's Comeback Gig' in downtown Petaluma and shocked everyone by shouting it through the PA and got a huge cheer. He wasn't prompted by anyone, he just did it.

The phrase? Never give up, never surrender.



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As usual Mick...Great Attitude! Hang in there, hope everything works out for ya!

Positive thoughts!

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I hope and pray that your doctors can fix this stricture. I am so sorry you are going thru this. Your staying positive and keeping a good attitude is very inspiring.

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