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How do I get her to eat?

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Mom has been being treated for small cell lung cancer. She has several tumors that have metastisized. One of which is in her right periotal lobe of her brain. 9 radiation treatments and 2 round of chemo into this and I can hardly get her to eat or drink anything due to loss of appetite and sores in mouth and throat. Any help would be appreciated with this. We switched her to soft foods yesterday. Puddings, jello and yogurts. We even thought about smooth baby food and mashed potatoes(without salt) maybe with some gravy. I have a tremendous amount of trouble getting water down her.

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Hi, Kim
Ensure and Boost puddings are fairly good, easy to swallow and packed with nutrition. I also suggest ice pops, ice cream, italian ices, not nutritious, but easy to eat. Would it be easier for her to drink with straws? There are other people here who know more about this (I had lung radiation in late 2005, but I only had a slightly sore throat from it), but here's a start ;)
Best wishes to your mom and to you,

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the only thing that worked to get my mother to eat and help with the nausea was marijuana. It was a struggle to convince her since she is very anti-drug, but the difference after she finally took it was incredible. There are many ways in which to ingest it that don't involve smoking, which can be a problem when lung function is low. Depending on what state you are in, you may even be able to get a prescription. Any state with legal medical marijuana will prescribe it for lung cancer patients. Also, try giving her cold foods like soft fruit, popsicles and yogurt. Those seem to be the only things my mom really craves. I have a great deal of sympathy for you as I am going through the same issues with my mom now. Hang in there.

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Is she nausea's as well? My mother had issues with eating more from the fear of getting sick. Once she got on a good schedule with nausea meds, it got better.

She did get medical marijuana pills....$121 even with insurance (700 W/O)...they did not help her, but what did was magace. Perhaps you need to check with her doc for something.

Miracle Mouth was will also help with her throat, it is an RX.

My best to you and your mother...

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Call the doctor's office right away and explain the situation. It is a very common one, however, when a person stops drinking they can get seriously dehydrated very quickly. That can lead to all sorts of problems that are easier prevented than treated. They can start an IV if she is already dehydrated. They can prescribe that miracle mouthwash to stop the mouth sores.Sometimes another medicine(steroid to stimulate appetite or pain relief meds or other such help)is needed. And if necessary, they can either bring her in for a quick look-see or send a nurse over to evaluate the problem. Don't be afraid to call them.That's what they are there for.

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