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what a night

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I spent 5 hours at the hospital ER last night with my sister. She is 5 week pregnant and she started to bleed she miscarried in march. Her husband was away at a softball game in york and he did not really seem to be worried about her or care.He makes me so made I wish he would just baby her sometimes but he is so hard core. The doctor did ultrasounds and blood work. The said she to early to detect a heart beat. but she dose have a uti but she may be miscarring again. I feel so bad for her my heart breaks.

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and hope that all comes out well....when I was 28 wks with my oldest I started contracting. Doc sent me straight to hospital..I called my (now ex) husband...he said I probably had diarrhea like he did and would not come to the hospital. sheesh. After working in OB I came to realize that more often than not men are scared to death of that whole situation...good or bad. Thank god she has you by her side for support!

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Your sister is lucky to have you. Bummer that her husband can't be just more caring and sympathetic to her needs and problems. Hope her and baby will be fine.


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To you both!

Hugs, Kathi

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Sorry you + your sister had such a hard night. I hope everything works out ok for her.

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Hoping it all works out for her.

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Some guys trip me out. His loss. Sending my best that everything is okay.


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Best to you and your sister!

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I'm so sorry about your sister. She's very fortunate to have you, since her husband doesn't sound like much of anything. I pray she'll be okay.


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