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Voices of Survivors


The “Voices of Survivors Foundation” is devoted to exploring what ‘Survivorship’ means to the individual ‘Survivor’, whether they are recently diagnosed, in-treatment or post-treatment, in a variety of documentary formats. Each ‘Survivor’ helps define what this means to not only themselves, but also gives insight to others who are on this journey as well, either as a ‘Survivor’ or a ‘Co-Survivor’.

The face of cancer is one that has been portrayed as that of only older people or children for so long, but that face is not reflective of whom cancer truly affects. It affects us all! We become a ‘Survivor’ when we first hear those three words: “You have cancer.”

At that moment, your ‘Survivorship’ begins and you are not alone. Each and every ‘voice’ shared can mean so much to so many and touch even more. Stand up, be heard!



I do not like the term survivor. Survivors feels like is hard to live, like Gloria Gaynor's song survivor, surviving bad relationships....

All of us are going to get sick some day in the short or long run, but let's face it, life is beautiful and I am not surviving it, I am living it to the best and enjoying my present every second.
My breast cancer diagnosed 5 years ago made me a more positive woman. I live each day to the fullest and my faith grows every day and also I do not judge anyone or any situation.
Hope you are healthy and living living living.

God bless you.

To each their own. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to how they want to describe their own recovery from their "cancer journey". With my first cancer (which was a cake walk compared to my second) I probably would have agreed with you but with the second cancer I feel like I am just barely surviving and living due to the damage the cancer and the chemo did to my body and my mind. I am glad that you were able to find positivity in your cancer experience and that you have a faith that works for you...unfortunately that is not always the case for everyone else.

In any case and not to further debate semantics...Voice of Survivors is a wonderful organization that allows individuals with cancer, as well as their caretakers/loved ones to define what survivorship or living life with and after cancer (or whatever other term you wish to use to describe the whole experience) means to them.

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