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almost done

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Hey y'all...one more week and the rad is done!! Good news today, my lab was almost perfect. My white blood cells were at 1.9 when I started, they are now 10.0. ABC is up to 7.3, hemobloglin up to 2.7hemocrit up to 37.8. My paletlets are only 71, but they were in the 20's just weeks ago. My onc told me that my body produces a chemical which prevents my platelets from getting much higher. Something about an anti something. The thing I'm talking about tonight is the never ending itching. I think if it doesn't stop soon, I will go NUTS!! This board gives me hope...apparently it does go away..but when? It is now 3:21 am, and I sleep for about 10 minutes at a time before it wakes me up. So...thanks again for being here to listen when I need to talk to someone who has been thru this. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good nite to all, Melodie

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Hi Melodie!

I'm glad to hear about your good blood counts! As for the itching, it drove me nuts too. The only relief I could get was by sitting in the tub. Hang on, it won't last much longer, you're almost done! You are going to make it to the end of this, then things will heal quickly! Your in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi Melodie,

Another poster had suggested benydrl for the itching, and said that 2 pills had done the trick. Have you tried that? Lori

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Hang in there! My last week was the worst. I hope you are doing as well as can be expected. I was thinking earlier I wish no one would ever have to feel all that pain. But that is the way it is, unfortunately.
Best wishes,

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Hang in there Melodie, this week will go by and you will be finished!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!! having finished a few weeks ago I can tell you it is nice not having to go for the rad treatments each day. As for the itching...oh boy can I relate to that. Keeps me up at night too. I have found sitz baths help, I take benedryl and that helps too but it doesn't totally go away. I think it is the dry skin and the peeling and that stuff. I feel like I have a little blistering there too...goes from the caesarean scar I had all the way around to the bone at the bottom of my butt. You just want to pull your butt on the rug like I've seen my cat do at times...I also use hydrocordizone (sp?) cream on my anal area and either pro shield or aloe vera (pure, not alcohol) on the pelvic parts and inside of my leg areas which are really itchy and burn sometimes. Unfortunately for awhile I think we are going to have to take those baths and keep moisturizing and taking benedryl. I also found a way to put a hand towel around me like a diaper - but it had to be wet with very warm water and layed it on top (I slept on a towel). That seemed to give me some relief as well, maybe keeping it moist? Not sure. Right now I wear boxer shorts for air and want to scratch at least every four and a half minutes - benedryl helps alleviate that for a few hours at least. Time for more I guess...but it does make you sleepy.

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