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Kidney Cancer Warriors Resource Blog


The Kidney Cancer Warriors Resource Blog is a an initiative by kidney cancer patients and their loved one to bring kidney cancer to the forefront by sharing the personal stories of the kidney cancer patients and their loved ones. We truly believe that the general public does not feel a personal attachment to an illness unless they can put a name, a face, and a story to that illness. Additionally, on the blog we share a great deal of information regarding the medications, side effects, and possible remedies for those side effects. As well as excellent sites to find valuable information about kidney cancer, financial assistance, support, links to kidney cancer patients personal blogs, etc.

The Kidney Cancer Warriors also has a support group on facebook which can be found at the following link:


Additionally, we have an open live chat room scheduled every Monday thru Friday, 7p to 10p EDT
In all honesty, this is the place where we are able to truly get to know one another, share our concerns, vent, celebrate, laugh and cry together. It's here where we truly become family. If you've never been to chat, we do invite you to join us. Open to all kidney cancer patients and their loved ones.


And the Resource Blog can be found at the following link:

The Kidney Cancer Warriors Memorial Blog:

The Warriors With Wings Blog:

We hope that if you or a loved one has kidney cancer that you will join us in chat, on facebook, visit our blog, etc. We truly believe that no one understands what a kidney cancer patient and / or their loved ones are going through except someone else who is also on the kidney cancer roller coaster! We there for you to share your journey, our experiences, to laugh and cry together, to rejoice and celebrate, and to grieve together. We are the Kidney Cancer Warriors and We Are Family ~ a circle of love!

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