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I'm new here today. I have been taking xeloda for about a year and thankfully the many tumors in both lobes of my liver continue to shrink. My new oncologist thinks I should have a 2 month holiday to allow my body to heal, get blood counts back up and also she tells me that over time, my body will develop a resistance to this drug and that having a holiday may extend my time with this line. I also will continue with avastin. Any comments?


  • Jaylo969
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    Hi and welcome to the group. I took Xeloda too, but only for 4 rounds and I found out that indeed it can be harsh on the body.So, enjoy the holiday away from it...have some fun and get some rest and let your body heal from some of the side effects of the meds.

    Best wishes.

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    Welcome herenow
    I haven't been on xeloda, but wanted to welcome you to this forum. It sounds like you are doing well.