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Back from the Biopsy

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Well, here we are, back from the biopsy. Went as expected - doc sees tumor and what appears to be cancer invaded into the pharyngeal (throat) wall behind the tumor. Biopsy pathology will not officially be back until Wed or Thurs, but he is taking Bob's case to the "Tumor Review Board" for discussion on treatement, as he is confident it will be recurrence. It will likely be surgery - it will be major surgery or major, major surgery - depending on doc's research in next few days and results of Tumor Review Board on Wednesday. Doc said he'd be back to us by end of week for a discussion on what he recommends.

If only "major" surgery - he can go in through his mouth, down his throat, get the tumor & tissue and then somehow address the lymph nodes (I think there are 2 hot lymph nodes). If "major, major" - it will be going through the mouth AND cutting the neck to get the tumor and tissue, but also do some reconstruction work on the throat (some of you may be familiar with the flap they put in to reconstruct, take tissue, etc. from forearm). His voice should not be affected, but he may never swallow again after the surgery (he said 50/50, depending on what they do and then how he responds).

The good news is that it is operable. The bad news is, it's back and he said it appears to be a "mean tumor" and he is worried about it spreading.

I am a mess, I am scared and I am angry. I know a person should never question WHY, but selfishly, I say, this is a good man, with a good heart and people who love him.
Bob is being his positive self - says he knows it will be ok, and doc DID say they can take it out. We will do what we need to try and irradicate this awful beast from our lives.

This is horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I hate cancer.

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Keeping both of you in my Prayers

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I am extremely sorry Kimmy, I wish I had words to make you feel better, I do not think you're at all in the wrong to question why. When I was first diagnosed I questioned it all the time. I feel it's almost worse for the people who love someone with such terrible cancer than the actual cancer patient themselves. This is someone who you love very much and it's just awful it's happening to him. I pray after the surgery he will be able to go back to normal and that his swallowing is not at all affected. I just wish I could hug you and your husband. I know how awful all of this must be for you guys. Take care Kimmy.

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Hi Kimmy,

I am sorry to hear the bad news about your husband, and hopeful since it is operable. That is definitely good news. Now you can eradicate this beast and get on with life. You summed it up in one sentence, now let me say, we ALL HATE CANCER. Prayers will be with you both.


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I will say a prayer for you and your family.

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Glenna M
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Kimmy, I am so sorry to hear about his reoccurence but thankful that it is operable.

You will all be in my prayers,

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Prayers and thoughts your way....


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You are all in my prayers.


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Big time shout out prayers going out for the Doctors to use their knowledge and experience to the best they can. More prayers going out for you and your husband for patience and strength the next couple days while you wait for the final game place.

No hill for a climber and your husband sounds like a first rate climber.

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Hi Kimmy, your frustration and anger are right on. and so is your hope. I'm hoping and praying that Bob's surgery does the trick.

best, Hal

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Sorry to hear about it coming back, but glad to hear it's operable. Keep up that good fight!

Positive thoughts coming your way!

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Great to hear the can do the surgery. I too have tried to figure out "why me." I am at peace with "it is what it is." You have a worldwide community thinking about you and are behind you and your family 100%.

My prayers are with you.

Stay positive



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I too hate Cancer,
Don't give up hope, I have been there three times and I an still here today.

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Sorry...praying for your husband... and saying a special prayer for you!. you aren't alone.

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Kimmy, when will you have the results and know the path forward? Would like to know.

I feel like cancer is a thief: it robs us of so many things - health, peace of mind, sleep...the list could go on and on.

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No update yet - doc meets with tumor board tomorrow. He told us he'd get back to us by the end of the week. I'm thinking Thursday or Friday morning. Y'all know how it is... hurry up and WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT!!

Thank you all for the prayers and support. So many people THINK they understand, but you here, you really do understand. It sure does help me not feel so alone. I wish I could get my husband on here but he is computer phobic!

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I hated cancer before Mark got it and now I hate it even more. To hear the news about Bob and this monster back for another strike just pisses me off. I have mentioned before on thease boards that many of us learned growing up that if you want something bad enough and work hard enough ANYTHING is attainable. Makes me feel set up some how. I am glad the tumer is operatable, and Bob is gearing up for the next battle. Hondo is the example for all of us in that he has fought this off 3 times. So we know it can be done.
I know you will fight by his side; and we are there with you.
Keep us informed,

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Far from it.
'Nuff said.

--Jim in Delaware

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Hate Cancer and hate the waiting game, keep you in prayer

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Kimmy, I am so sorry to hear this awful cancer won't let your family be. It sound like Bob is staying level headed. You must be a good team: I think for you to do the worrying frees him up to stay focused on on getting through this and getting better. It sucks to be confronted by this, but it's great to have someone support you in areas you can't go. I just have to believe this is going to work out for you both.

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