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Round and round we go

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They did find a small mass in my frontal lobe. The onc sent me to a nerological surgeon who looked at my MRI and said it is not consistent with a metastatic legion because there is absolutely no fluid or swelling around it. That is great news except that the neuro surgeon said it does not explain any of the symptoms I am having. So, the tumor is small and appears to be benign but I am still having unexplained symptoms. Eyesight disturbances, vertigo and dizziness. So, although the news is good it is also discouraging because I would like to get rid of these symptoms but no one has been able to find the problem. Basically, around and around we go with the cancer stuff but atleast it looks good although you can never tell with absolute certainty. I am going to have to have the tumor removed sometime around the first part of next week but the surgeon said there was no hurry except that they will not do a clinical study on somebody that has a tumor in their head. I am meeting with the surgeon again on mon. To discuss the operation. It's been a whirlwind today. I went to the onc who was almost positive that this was a metastatic legion to the surgeon to find out that there is a high probability that it is not. They even sent me to the eye doctor today who also found nothing that can explain my symptoms but I will say that they were right on top of their game. They got me into three different places at the last minute today.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it !


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and hope you can get some relief from the round and round......and the rest of the story....and man, how tiring it gets eh?

all the best, Leslie

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Well this sounds like good news about the finding, but sorry that they can't figure out what is going on with you symptom wise. Sounds like you have a wonderful team of doctors. Wishing and praying that all this can be figured out for you.


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This sounds like good news; I hope they can figure out the cause of your symptoms too. It sounds like you have good care. Take good care!

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"Eyesight disturbances, vertigo, dizziness...hummmmm..any munchies with that???? LOL... Hey, sounds like great news to me!!! I am sure they will get to the bottom of these "other" symptoms and "Get r Done"...... I am just so happy you are getting answers...and good ones. I SOOO can't wait to see you in October!!! love ya my friend!!!


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Eric- I have been having the same problems! Is the vertigo positional with you? Does it come on, the spinning like when you look up and either on the right or the left? Mine is called benign positional vertigo and there is a fairly simple like treatment for it, I just had a second treatment on it today. The rehab doctor I am working with has cautioned me that it may be an issue I deal with for a long time, that CHEMO can disrupt the fluid and the sensory in the inner ear. Let me know.

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Hi Eric,

Wow- you really did have a whirlwind of a day. I'm glad that the drs were able to move so quickly and get you in. Is cyberknife or gammaknife an option instead of regular surgery? If you haven't discussed that option, I definitely would if I were you.
I will be thinking of you and praying for you and for all doctors and others involved in your care in this situation.

God bless and strengthen you~

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It's A very small mass and does not appear to be cancerous so I don't think they feel the need to use any kind of gamma or cyberknife treatment.


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Well, Eric, that all sounds better than you thought, right? I'm praying the surgeon is on the money with this diagnosis! I would love that!

Stay strong!


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I hope the surgeon is right.I hope they find out what is causing the dizzyness,and other problems.Good luck.

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and is growing as some do causing motor skill issues...we have a young man in our church that has the same symptoms and has had it removed and is doing quite well. Most meningiomas are benign, and most never increase in size, approx 90%.......... but still most never grow to cause any issues. It seems yours is but it will be fixable as it was for our young man and you will do fine...Love to ya buddy......buzz

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I'm pretty sure you'll do fine now. Thank goodness.

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Hang in there. You will be fine.


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heh eric, hope you are doing ok. hang in there.

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I'm thinking like Buzz. hope, strength, and love to you.

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