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Hemorrhoids and rash

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I know it's been posted before but I can't seem to find it. Hemorrhoids and a rash! The rash is like a diaper rash and itchy. I've use hemorrhoid creams, OTC and script, vaseline, Balmex, Burt's Baby Bee diaper ointment, which kind of has a medicinal smell, not too fond of that, and Butt Paste.

It's almost 4 months since my colectomy surgery, I now have a J Pouch. I go to the bathroom anywhere from 4-7 times in a day. The doctor said the rash is from too much acid in my diet. I didn't think I really ate many things that were high in acid, but I guess it would explain the rash. She suggested to treat it like a diaper rash. Well, that's what I have been doing, but can't seem to find the cream that works the best. I have a sensitive nose and don't care for the ones that have a "scent". I'm self conscious that the cream/ointments will show through to my clothes if I have to keep applying.I also take a sitz bath almost every night to help ease the discomfort.

Does anybody have a favorite product/regimen that they use to help ease the discomforts of hemorrhoids/rash? Any diet ideas would be helpful too!


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Hi Carolyn,
My first 12 rounds of chemo gave me intensive poops. It was really bad the first few months then settled down a bit but when I was going like 8 times a day I too suffered from what looked like diaper rash. Man, it hurt and burned. I tried most of the same stuff you did...didn't work. By accident, I discovered a cure...at least it worked for me. I have an inground pool and the chlorine ate the heck out of that rash. Then I started keeping it dry...instead of always moist with creams. I would swim...nude... then dry...then put on baby powder with bacon soda. When it got cold... I used the hot tub...again, with bromide/chlorine in water. When not there..... then salt water in the bath tub...and always powder afterwards. It worked...and continues to work. Got me a baby smooth..CLEAR butt now.... Oh yeah!! Just a suggestion... you take care!


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I had a total colectomy. I often have totally liquid output. There are three main things I use to manage rash and butt burn, pain and itch.

First for normal cleaning, whenever I feel TP is not enough to get things clean, I use Balneol on a bit of TP or moist baby wipes. The Balneol does a great job AND provides some pain and burn relief, much better than the wipes.

If I have diarrhea for more than two days I start using Calmoseptine. This is a zinc based cream in a tube. It is 20% zinc oxide (like normal Desitin) and menthol, which adds a bit of preemptive burn relief.

When things get serious I drink excessively until I pass out. Okay, the truth is that I use Desitin Maximum Strength, which is 40% zinc oxide. This stuff stays put even when being pressure washed with digestive fluids.

I rarely have any complications or discomfort, to which I attribute to doing these three things routinely, even through a solid month of diarrhea.

Sorry, I have no experience with hemorrhoids. At least not yet.

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Hi, Carolyn! My husband also developed a rash about a month ago, told him to put baby powder on it, thought it was from chafing. He had a doc appointment and while there asked what could he use, nothing helps. Doc prescribed Lotrisone Cream. Ask your doc about that. My husband says it helps. Take care. Margaret
P.S. the cream does not have an odor.

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I know you mentioned the Butt Paste, that worked best for Hank. Our radiation oncologist gave us a bunch on tongue depressors and said to use them to spread the stuff on like a thick layer of cake frosting and to keep applying OVER the old layer (of course in between bathing). Once I tried this method he got quite a bit of relief. Sleeping without undies or any bottoms works well too

Hope you feel better soon!


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