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3 Month Scanxiety

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Well here i go again 3 month ct scan Sept 3rd and the Dr on the 8th - the worry begins again. nsclc 3b - last chemo Aug 19th and last rads Aug 27th 2008. I have had ct scans - pet scans are x-ray evey 3 months since and scared luck is going to run out. Take Lorazepam 0.5mg for the anxiety it helps some. I know we all go through this but for me it does not get any easier. Best of health to all .... Dan

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The bottom line, Dan, is that every time you go for the scan, it is like waiting to see if the governor is going to call (and you sitting on the electric chair). If you are fortunate enough to have a series of successful scans, if you are fortunate enough to have your doctors extend the time between scans to six months, and then a year, you will find that while the anxiety does not disappear completely it does wane.

Good luck with your results!

Take care,


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Don't do it Dan! ;). If you noticed my postings last month I was totally freaked about last month's scan. I was so tired and imagined all sorts of cancer running rampant in my body. Even StayingCalm was a little less calm when she saw one of my posts and advised me to go see the Doc asap. And everything turned out clear! Boy I felt silly but after my child threatened to have me admitted I went to the Doc and got some anti-anxiety meds and they took the edge off. Not another til January.
So hang in there Dan, just believe that whatever happens, you can handle it; you have thus far.
Best wishes to you!

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Thanks Joe and Medi, Hope results are good and can go 6 months before next ct scan. The anxiety comes from knowing your life can be turned upside down again and you know sooner are later it will show it's ugly head again. Medi i did read your posting and replied to your expressions gallery post, i need to follow my own advice. I don't get much support from family and friends so finding this site and reading other peoples posts really helps. Best of health to all ..... Dan

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Well made it through another ct-scan, no sign of cancer but some fluid around lung but not enough to have drained for now, so go back for another ct scan in 3 months to check on the fluid. I was hoping for 6, but what a high when they tell you NO sign of the cancer. Stay strong and best of health to all..... Dan

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Dan, that's great! May you have many more clean scans!


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Congratulations Dan. That's great news.

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Great news! That's what we are all hoping to hear.

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