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Kidney Cancer Advice

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My husband came down with a bad stomach bug last week which we found out was Salmanella, we believe from the egg recall that is in the news. Anyway, he was hospitalized for 4 days with it, but the really bad news is that when he was in the ER they did a CT scan of his abdomen and found a tumor on his kidney. It was confirmed by US. We spoke to a urologist who says it has a 80% chance of being cancer and he will need surgery to remove the tumor and at least part of the kidney. He will need a CT scan with contrast so the doctor can determine exactly what we are dealing with and what kind of surgery will be the best. The surgeon wants us to wait about 6 or so weeks before getting the CT due to the inflammation from the Salmanella because he says he wants everything to be settled in the area so things are clear and he can't do surgery on the kidney with inflammation in the area and have the best outcome. I am freaking out and can barely function since hearing about all of this. I am really worried about if it has spread because chemotherapy and radiation don't work for kidney cancer from what I have read on the internet. I know I need to stay away from the computer and I will try from now on. My husband is only 38. He also refuses to think negatively about it but that is all I can think about. Our kids are only 4 and 8 and I am terrified. The surgeon is hopeful he can do a laproscopic partial nephrectomy and he says kidney cancer doesn't really spread until 6 or 7 cms unless you are in the unlucky 1-3%. My husbands was 3.7 or 3.8cms. Also,on the ER CT scan it stated prominent lymph nodes in the area around the kidney, but urologist believes it is from the Salmonella. Any advice?

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I had a 3cm tumor that was discovered (MRI) in July of 2009, I was scheduled for surgery in August, however they would not do the surgery then as my blood pressure was too high after giving me added blood pressure medication they did my surgery in December of 2009 5 months after diagnosis. I had a partial nephrectomy done and everything worked out fine. I was in the hospital for 4 days, and now I am pretty much back to normal. In May I had a follow up MRI done and it was clean. As long as the tumor is confined within the kidney your husband should be fine. I am 65 years old so he has his youth on his side also. My urologist told me the survival rate for a tumor my size is 90%, so hang in there and things will work out

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Hi I had my right kidney removed on July 16,2010 so now i am in my 4th week of recovery and glad to say I am doing fine. When the ER found a mass on my right kidney on June 20 I freaked also. I asked what were my options with this type of mass and was told they do not like to do biopsy because if it was cancer and once the air hit it it could spread so my onlythat options was to have the whold kidney removed. But I was told also the mass could be there another 10 to 20 years of course I did not want that so we did the surgery. Was in the hospital 6 days due to a low grade fever. About a week later the DR. called and informed me it was not cancer but a lot of cysts. Glad it was not cancer but now my right kidney is gone and I do not regret my surgey because now I do not have to worry about cancer. My mass was 5cm so like you I went to the internet but the only thing I can say is to pray that is what got me threw. Dont worry and think postive every time the DR. said the word cancer I stopped him and said no knows if it is cancer or not so I did not claim it and everything worked out. I am 55 and if the DR. want to wait that long everything will be fine. From what the DR. told me that type of cancer do not spread that fast so just live one day at a time and I promise evetything will go well for you and your family. I will be praying for your family. Take care

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Pbjoseph1's husband ate a rotten egg. If it were not for the Salmonella which followed her husband's Kidney Cancer may not have been caught before it grew and spread. As a result of this fortunate incident the tumor was discovered in time and the only bump in the road he will have to face is surgery and then he, his wife and children will live happily ever after. Best wishes from someone who has been there and done that ie surgery on 8/1/02 (except for the rotten egg).

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