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1st Mammo and new doc tomorrow - Will you come with me?

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Tomorrow I go for my first mammo after my lumpectomy and will also meet my new oncologist.

My oncologist who had seen me through all of my treatments left the cancer center and I've been assigned to someone new. I've heard good things about my new doc, so I'm not too worried about that, but I am feeling a bit nervous about the mammo, which is scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. I know I'll feel much better with you all there in the room with me. Wanna come?

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At 2:oo pm I will be thinking about you and sending u lots of positive energy. I will pray that everything will go ok. See you later


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I'll be praying for you! It would be a bit nerve-wracking for your doctor to move ... I'm glad you've heard good things about your new one. I'm praying that a good long dance with NED is in your future!

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I'll be there whispering that it will be okay. The first one probably has the greatest level of anxiety. Try to relax and know that the room will crowded with all of us there right beside you. I have my 3rd one on Friday at 2 pm and I also have a new oncologist. I really liked my previous one but we moved and while I could have stayed with her I didn't really want to travel an hour to see her. I saw my original one on Monday and asked for a referral for one nearer to me and yesterday they called and asked me if I could come in for an initial visit. I just love this new gal. I couldn't believe how fast I got in to see her. We had a good visit and she is very thorough. She told me that she will call as soon as she gets the results on my mammo Friday. I will see her again in 6 months. Friday I also go for my yearly uterine cancer check up. I tend not to worry about these appointments. I figure if it's good news then I worried for nothing. If they find something they I can worry. I don't borrow trouble. I am sure we will both be dancing with NED. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

New Flower
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I will be there with you. Sending positive thoughts and thinking of you.

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will be there, wont look though lol, will wait for the good news!

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Jean 0609
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There will be so many of us there with you, they'll kick us out because there isn't any room! Sending positive thoughts & prayers your way. Let us know how it goes. Hugs, Jean

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Absolutely! We'll be right there beside you! It's tough when you have to switch Onc's, but hopefully your new one will be a pretty close match to your old one or even better!
Positive thoughts and prayers are headed your way for NED results!
♥ SisCat

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Count me in Cindy... I will be there with you sending positive thoughts and prayers...


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cause I'm driving up from San Diego!! I want to hear the good news before I head home.


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Be right there with you. I will kick the tech in the shin if they squeeze to much.



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wishing you the best!


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I'll be there with bells on!!! I won't say that I'll be tinkling in the back ground, but you know what I mean, (I hope?)
Best of luck and positive vibes coming your way!!

Keep smiling while they take all those pictures, everybody will wonder what you're up to.

Prayers and Love, Edie

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But if you want to get there early and warm the room up for me, that's fine by me!

It always seems to be so cold in doctor's offices and you have to take off most of your clothes. I'm so glad I have you sisters to keep me warm today!

Love and thanks to all,

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I'll be there with you, Cindy. Remember to take those nice deep breaths. xoxoxoxo Lynn

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after my appt at 9.00 you can wish me luck too!!!!

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Miss Murphy
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Joined: Feb 2010

Hang in there - I'll be with you in spirit. Stay positive and all good thoughts going out to you.

Hugs, Sally

cindycflynn's picture
Posts: 1133
Joined: Oct 2009

I'm in the waiting room now.

Hopefully we'll both have good new to share very soon.

Thanks again, sweet sisters!

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then it will be 4 here. I'm on the way, and I'll tell dh to pick up the tab for dinner when we're all done. Wonder what the techs will think when we all jump up and go with you when they call your name?? ;-)

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I didn't see my invitation till today, so I got here late, and it's just me in the waiting room now, and the office manager is looking at me sternly, because apparently all of you made quite a commotion when you were here: Chen was hugging all the other patients, Donna was threatening the techs, Edie kept running out to go potty, and VickiSam was showing off her expensive new ta-tas....

Somebody come back from dinner and give me some news, so I can go home!

:-) Traci

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You never fail to make me laugh. Now is you can get up early you can come with me tomorrow at 8:30 am Pacific time to drive to Sacramento for a 10:30 appointment. We will be going for a gyn visit for my uterine cancer follow up (always a fun event); but she also does a thorough breast and lymph node exam. You will really like my nurse practioner. She is a doll. Then we will go to the mall across the street to waste some time until 2 pm when we have to go back for my mammogram. We can have a nice lunch while we are at the mall. After we are done we will traveling up to Pollock Pines to visit my dearest friend. We will staying until Sunday so pack a bag. I hope you love computer games cause that is our plan. We will be eating junk food, drinking diet drinks (have to be a little good) and playing a new video game she bought for the occasion. Keep in mind that Sacramento is hot and Pollock Pines cooler so pack for all weather. We might be walking to the little lake around the corner from her to fish so bring a rod if you have one. And anyone else who wants to come, you are all invited. While I don't get nervous at these visits it is good to have dear friends surrounding you with their love. And to all those with upcoming visits good thoughts and prayers that all are dancing with NED.

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your mammo is a good one! I'll be thing about you. Sending cyber {{hugs}}.

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Joined: Jan 2010

things are posted at 12:04AM...is today today or is today tomorrow??? I bet you had your mammo today (thurs), so I'm sending positive thoughts your way and hoping all went well...

New Flower
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Joined: Aug 2009

how did it go? Any news so far?

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jo jo
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Just chimin in...sorry i missed the CSN reunion in your doctors office...still sending positive thoughts on results of your mammo.

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