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Ct scan of the head revealed that there is something there but they cannot see it clearly so I have to go get an MRI first thing in the morning. I am pretty claustrophobic but they are giving me enough Valium to knock out a horse.
Pray for me me and wish me well as I know you will.


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prayers, of course! :)

Eric, what kind of symptoms are you having?

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that it was a benign calcification meningioma..encapsulated.....They informed me that most people have them but most don't grow, if they do then some create problems that can be repaired. Mine was BB size and encapsulated so nothing being done with it.....We will hope for small simple calcification or nothing at all.....Love ya bud.......Buzz

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My first MRI was a breast MRI. I have a bit of trouble with claustrophobia, but I had no trouble with that one. But you lay on your stomach for it, in a different position.

I thought I'd have no trouble with my abdominal MRI last fall, but it didn't go so good. Part of that was because I had Curly, Moe and Larry all wrapped up into one MRI tech (that I refuse to ever let touch me again). But he did do one very good thing for me. I was having trouble with the claustrophobia after going into the machine. He brought me mirrored glasses that look back into the room. They were wonderful! If I opened my eyes, I'd see the entire room - no more claustrophobia. Ask if you can have a pair of those glasses before they put you in.

I'm praying that what they saw is nothing serious. With all these scans they see things in our bodies that we'd normally never know about. Things that aren't 100% normal, but that really don't cause troubles either.

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I am horribly claustropobic. The It took 3 times before I would let the tech slide me into the machine. He was really good though and showed me how, if you just look behind you your head is at the very end of the tube and daylight, as soon as I saw that I calmed right down

Good Luck, hoping for good news!


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Praying that the mri goes good for you and it is nothing but normal age processing.


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Good luck, Eric - all of us hoping it is nothing at all to worry about.

Kathryn is right - if they have a mirror, that does help you.

If not, then you can use your mind - it's alot more powerful than a handful of valium, believe me.

Once they put the face cage on, you can just close your eyes, follow their directions, and the big thing is you know it will be over within the hour and they will let you up to walk away. And you'll be less drug induced and the better for it.

The MRI tube is very small and enclosed, and we all feel that pressure. But, I found if you get your mind "right" that's all that will be needed.


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I will keep you in my Prayers. God Bless. Margaret

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Wishing you that is nothing to worry about, like Buzzard says,but I will praying for you everyday ,you can count on that.

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Hoping everything is ok,but I will be praying for you.Good luck.

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I hope all goes well.


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Praying that the MRI shows that there is nothing to worry about. Keeping you always in my thoughts and prayers. Waiting to here. Good luck and hang in there.

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Rick had a similar scare, but it turned out to be a harmless calcification deposit, so PLEASE try not to worry so much!! Best wishes, and prayers will be sent your way, Cynthia

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I have been praying for you already today and will continue to do so.


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you will be in my prayers. I've had several MRI's and as soon as I lay on the table and get situated, I close my eyes and visualize places I love and pray. I don't open my eyes again until I'm done. Keep thinking positive thoughts and it will be over before you know it. The Valium will help and don't hesitate to take it. No need to be a hero. It will also help you get through the anxiety of it ALL.

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Prayers that there is nothing serious to find in the MRI. I can understand the claustrophobia even though I have never had to have the enclosed MRI.

Take care,

Marie who loves kitties

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Hi Eric,

I am so sorry you have this to deal with. I hope it is nothing as others have said. I am claustrophic too + when i have had MRIs I have done what Craig suggested - I use my mind. In the first one I had I especially thought about my 2 daughters + medical issues they had both been through + how brave they were. Warm thoughts are headed your way for good results.

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Hang in there. Here is hoping is no big deal. Whatever it is, you know your cyberfamily will be here for you.

Hugs - Tina

Fight for my love
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You are in my prayers for sure.Hope it is nothing.

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you are in my thoughts and prayers, and holding you in the Light that it's nothing to worry about.
I know what you mean about being claustrophobic and a few of us have some good ideas. I have a friend who kept her eyes closed the whole time. It might sound strange, but I found alternating opening/closing my eyes helped somewhat. I've used the other strategies mentioned, too--the glasses and looking at the edge of the tube. And very important for me--slow, deep (but not forced) breathing to bring on the relaxation response. This in itself can help you focus away from claustrophobic thoughts. Also, knowing that you really CAN come out whenever you want to (though, of course, it's not wise to, because then you'd have to do it all over again) can give you the feeling that you are, indeed, in control.

Sending positive, calm thoughts your way.
love and peace,

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You are forever in my prayers.


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I say take the drugs.... I hate MRI's....... I have only had 1 where they really drugged me up..... NO PROBLEM.... didn't even know what they were doing to me and when I did...it was over... Loved it!!! Take the drugs!!! You are gonna be just fine. Sending good vibes your way... Love ya!!


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I have always slept through MRI's, and I hope you will somehow find that calm to allow you to do that or at least be peaceful.

I'm also praying for great results.


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Sleeping while in the "tubes" is great, except that I tend to dream apparently and they get a little bit upset over the jerking caused from the reaction to the dreams.
Oh well, what you going to do??
Glad you have some Valium though in your case.

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I am praying for you and will continue to do so, please keep us posted...enjoy the valium...Stay strong, hopefully you wont have to wait to long for the results..


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Prayers and Positive Vibes beaming your way Eric. You so deserve it



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We got yer back and I will be praying for you today. Please check back with us

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!! Let us know the outcome!

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