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Yes. I had my scope done.
Yes I still hate it.
But all looks well..
Thanks for the nudge of support!

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So glad your scope turned out well.

I knew immediately what the topic of your thread was going to be, lol.

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Did you turn your head also, while rubbing your tummy, and standing on one foot while hopping......LOL.


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Good news is great! So happy you got some. Mark gets scoped next Wednesday...just had a little pang of anxiety writing it.

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Posts: 720
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Good luck with yours Mark and Kim.
I really do hate it, numbing spray notwithstanding....
My ENT does not do a physical exam of the throat, a visual and scope is it..wondering if I should change to another doctor in the practice. That practice is the only game in town, so my options are limited. Not that I want a physical exam,(I would probably bite.) but wonder if we are missing anything...


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I go back to Johns Hopkins on Thursday to get scoped once again. (Isn't it fun? And doesn't that numbing spray taste just yummy?)
Six months ago at my last scoping, the doc said it almost looked as like I'd never had rads, so all looked good then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about Thursday.

--Jim in Delaware

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That's wonderful!

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Hoping for the best, Jim...


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Outstanding news. It isn't fun getting scoped, but when we see that series of eeee's we all can relate.

Speaking of a Practice for Doctors. My Dad didn't much like Doctors and I asked him why he didn't go to them. He told me that under their name was the words " Practice" and he said that even though they might be Doctors, they still are practicing on US. He said when they figure out what works best, then he will go to them : )

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Great news for your scope. I had mine follow up a couple of weeks ago with my ENT. We(my wife & I ) had a little scare though. After she scope me she did not say anything which was very unusual. She said she would like another doctor to take a look. This doctor had a real time movie scope that watched my vocal cords and taped everything he saw.
He advised the ENT was just seeing good ole mucous build up on my cords. Talk about a sigh of relief for both of us. U of Chicago had a better tasting spray, but good ole bottom line LOL Again congrats Stacey

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Great great great.



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Hee Hee Hee
Enjoying this thread- way too much!

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Pam M
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Didn't get scoped, but got the visual, periscope, and poke and prodding yesterday (only had to do one "eeeeeeee". For whatever reason, my tongue has become odd lately - feels thick, and awkward. I can still eat, and folks can understand my speaking, but it takes more effort to form some words, and my tongue is "off". Doc's check spotted no reason for the oddness.

Glad doc liked what he saw, Stacey.

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Glenna M
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Stacey, happy that you finally broke down and saw your ENT. I know how much you hate it but it's always a relief when they don't see anything unusual. I've been seeing mine every month for a year now so it's no real biggie for me anymore but I still don't look forward to it.

I have laryngeal (and lung) caner so he is looking at my larynx and part of the exam is him pulling my tongue out with his fingers while I say eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I don't know if your doc does this or not but it's not the easiest thing to do when someone is pulling on your tongue ;-) I have to remind him every month that I can say eeeeeeeeeee fine when my tongue is where it belongs.

After the scope he always checks the inside of my mouth and feels my neck and jaw for swollen lymph glands, so the whole thing is over in less than 15 minutes.

Hope you don't wait as long for your next scoping, it's worth it to know that all looks good.

I get my scope in a couple of hours so I'm going to practice holding my tongue and and saying eeeeeeeeeee - lol.

All together now, everybody say eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


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I haven't been on for a couple of days and knew exactly what was going when I saw the title. You all have the perfect mix of serious concern, smart **s humor, and genuine love that we (I) seem to need to deal with this kind of disease. Thanks.
I have gotten to where I don't even want the numbing spray because I don't like the "aftertaste." I just snort that thing down and say my vowel. It's gotten easier, and the doc is really good. I wonder if there's a way to get a video made of what they look at when they go down there? We could put all the little clips of our "eeee"s together in a music video. Other audiences might find it weird and gross, but we would like it.

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Wrong vowel sound, I know. I got a kick out of seeing my vocal chords and epiglottis in action. I don't mind the spray so much, as the fingers down the throat to feel my tonsils. Makes me gag every single time.

Glad to hear your scope went well!

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I'm with you David, I just suck it up... (pun intended).

But it doesn't bother me that much for the short time. I can be done with it in the time it takes for the spray to kick in.

Concerning the video, there probably is at least that capability. When my ENT scopes me, he just uses the tool. When my Rads MD scopes me, he actually has a minitor there, so I'm sure it can produce a video capture.

I know my wife loves that when she goes with me. She is always cracking jokes as the scope slide through my nostril and down my throat.


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That's what my Radiation Oncologist told me when he wanted to take a look. "I've never seen someone take it down their throat so easily."

"Hey doc. At least buy me dinner first if you're going to talk like THAT!"

Because of that chrnonic cough of mine, I've been getting scoped about twice a year for the past 15 years. That's how they found my cancer so fast. It's gotten to the point that I can drive it myself and the doc just looks at the monitor. That's just wrong. Of course, I've never done it during or post radiation.

Glad to hear all looks well with you!

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Happy happy happy for you

I feel the dance coming on

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