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Anticancer info VIDEOS or SHORT WEBPAGES

Anticancer info VIDEOS or SHORT WEBPAGES

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber's Remarkable Story
Dr. David Servan-Schreiber who wrote the book, "Anticancer: A new way of life" is a neuroscientist who got a brain tumor 17 years ago. Now he is stressing the importance of anticancer foods, exercise, Omega 3s, Vit. D, support, stress mgmt.

Natural Defenses in Preventing and Treating Cancer – Dr. David Servan-Schreiber – Mar. 2010, UCtelevision

Incredible lecture given by Servan-Schreiber at UCSF. Discusses the studies and perspectives of why oncologists say what they say, dismissively, about diet and exercise. His arguments backed by science. A must-see!

(28:20 in) “…For the last 40 years, all of oncology has been focused on destroying cancer cells….We spent between 150 and 200 billion dollars on cancer research in the last 40 years and we’ve improved the median survival of metastatic cancer, which is really the only one that kills you, by 3 months….So maybe we’re not pursuing quite the right roadmap. And what [I and others are] saying…is that yes it’s great to kill cancer cells but obviously it doesn’t seem to be enough. It is important, at the same time, to strengthen the body’s ability to resist cancer by creating an inhospitable terrain to cancer growth. And you can do both at the same time. This is not about alternative medicine.”

Please note this list: (55:23 in) List of Cancer Inhibitors & Promoters:
Cancer=Loss of Equilibrium

--WEB PAGE: 20 New Anticancer Rules – by Dr. Servan Schreiber

Healthy Living Secrets – Dr. Béliveau
Dr. Béliveau is a Canadian food-cancer link researcher featured in the Anticancer book by Dr. Servan-Schreiber

--WEB PAGE: Food Prescription list: How much to eat of what – Dr. Béliveau

Dr. William Li on Dr. Oz – Antiangiogenic Foods to Starve Cancer

Five Foods to Starve Cancer - Dr. Li on Dr. Oz

Dr. William Li, Can we eat to starve cancer? - TED Talk, Feb 2010 - 20 mins.
"But then between what the doctor can do for you, we need to start asking, 'what can we do for ourselves?' ...We can empower ourselves to do the things that doctors can't do for us which is to use knowledge and take action. And if Mother Nature has given us some clues, we think that there might be some new future in a value of how we eat. And what we eat is really our chemotherapy three times a day."

Google results for Dr. William Li

Vitamin D Prevents Cancer: Is It True? – Cedric Garland, Dr. PH, UCSD, June 2009, 10 min video
--19 minutes in, Dr. Garland speaks for 10 minutes
--25 mins. in, keep Vit. A below 6000 ius/day

Vitamin D: Role in Preventing Cancer – Cedric Garland, Dr. PH, UCSD, UCtelevision, June 2010 – 55 min video, more details
(46:40 in) Why Vit D may work in people that already have cancer; watch the DINOMIT theory (34:58) first.
(36:30 in) His group is suggesting 50ng/ml though he feels that there is a region above that that is quite possibly safe and efficacious; you don’t want to go below 50ng/ml. he said. Other organizations may recommend 4000-10,000ius/day. Please watch the video for details. D3 and ionized calcium levels should be monitored through your doctor to watch for kidney stones and other possible side effects.
(49:20) Talks about a seasonal phase

Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention – Cedric Garland, Dr. PH, UCSD, UCtelevision, Feb. 2009 – 40 min video
--19 mintues in, he makes this quote:
“There’s no chemotherapeutic agent that I’ve seen that produces quite this amount of reduction. Although this is not administered as chemotherapy but rather observed.”
--30:35 in, he gives stats for endometrial cancer…36% preventable, hormonal factors are also involved
--37 minutes in, he speaks to Vit D and progesterone

--WEB PAGE: USP Verified Dietary Supplements
Brands that adhere to govt. rules guaranteeing dosage levels per pill. See 50:41 on Garland 2010 video for more info

The benefits of exercise for cancer survivors – Connecticut Challenge Survivorship Clinic at Yale Cancer Center

--WEB PAGE: Exercise and Survivorship – Connecticut Challenge Survivorship Clinic at Yale Cancer Center

How Healthy Is Your Home? [1 min. Videos on: Cleaning products, Plastics, BPA, Pots & Pans, Filtered Water, Microwaving, etc.]

Alternative Household Cleaning Solutions, Penn State

VIDEOS about the American Diet
Highly recommended. The ideas in these videos are talked about by Dr. Servan-Schreiber.

-Food Inc.
-King Corn

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