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Over Radiated

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There are some discussions in different posts on this board that some patients feel and know they were over radiated. Looking back, does anyone know or have any ideas as what effects during radiation would send any warning signals?

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Having only gone through the rads process once I'm not sure if I was over or under radiated. I do know that the after effects, esophagus stricture and raw bleeding skin on both sides of neck were caused by a hopefully healthy dose of rads. This was certainly a small price to pay for a clean bill of health, which I hope will be coming soon.

Best Wishes,

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Dennis is the one to ask. You can PM him or he will chime here soon. I think it is hard to know 'during' treatment unless you ask your techies to show you the readings and explain the amounts to you and maybe ask them to recheck all their settings. That may prompt a worthwhile action to reconfirm they have it all right. Don;t be afraid to ask - it's your body they are zapping.

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The last time they went in he scrapped up the right side of my larnyx, they gave me 30 rounds, this is a standard amount for the stage 4 tumor they where after, I went through the same hell everyone else did, sore, neck looking pretty bad, bleeding etc...I wish they would have stopped mine earlier, I may had more of a voice to work with, but you have to look at it this way, after getting over the anger of what they did, would the tumor come back???, Or would it have spread with a lower dosage? They don't know, it's a guessing game with doctors, and how each individual will survive. Ask anything, I may need the favor down road, Right now I am counting 6 days, and this trach may come out permanently, it's a pain!..Best To All. Dennis

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I agree with Scambuster don’t be afraid to question your doctor on your treatment and if you are not happy with his answer get a second opinion. Living with the side affects of being over cooked is very hard, I have received radiation twice for the same NPC cancer in total 14,700 rads. I am cancer free but live in a lot of pain do to bone lost, I questioned my doc did I really need all of that radiation.

All the best to you

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