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Vaginal Cancer ( squamous cell carcinoma )

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Is there anyone that has or had this type of cancer.

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Yes. But I'm confused, do you mean dysplsia or Vaginal Cancer?

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I was diagnosed wit vaginal adenocarcinoma stage 4

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If so, I have plenty of advice for you!

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hi--wasn't sure whether you meant it had spread outside the vagina or it had originally started outside the vagina. my dear friend LB has a mass located between her vaginal and rectal canals, it's spreading around her rectum and is in local lymph nodes. stage IVA. if you have anything to share about that i'd welcome it. thanks

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So sorry to hear about your friend.

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Had a black area about the size of a silver dollar removed from outside about 20 years ago. Id skipped my pap exam for ages which is why it grew so large. Had to have a total hysterectomy about 15 years ago. Now Im told I have vaginal cancer. I go into the hospital Nov 5th. Im also a DES daughter, and some of this is most likely connected.

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