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Tinnitus Drug On Horizon

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Hi Everyone,
I live in the central valley of California. My last trip to my ENT I told him about my tinnitus, and he suggested I was a candidate for a trial being done on a new tinnitus drug treatment. I can't apply until September, but I will try and get into the trial. The drug is already being prescribed in Germany, and the trial will have half of the testers being given a placebo--that'll be me. Anyway, just keep it in mind, because in a year or so this drug should become available, and it is the first rx drug I know of that's aimed at treating--not curing--tinnitus. The information didn't give the drug name since it's not on the market. If you live in the Big Valley or thereabouts, ask your ENT about info on the study, especially if your're female--I have to wait until September because they are trying to balance the study and need to enroll more females before I can proceed. I guess you could google "Germany tinnutus drug" too if you wanted. I'm currently on information overload myself.

best, Hal

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Sounds like good news keep us up to date, my prayers are with you in the test trials mt friend

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