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New Article! New England Journal of Medicine!

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Hey, I also wanted to share that there is a new article from the New England journal of medicine from July 1, 2010. It talks about HPV+16 tumors and Survival stats for those of you who are interested. N Engl J med 2010; 363:24-35

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They are finally getting some updated studies....

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Pretty good read and nice news for us HPV positive folks.
I know my SCC of unknown primary tested positive for HPV but I don't recall if it was 16 or not.....hmmmm, I'll have to ask.

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I was diagnosed on July 11, 2008. My doc at Johns Hopkins, who's been involved in a lot of research on HPV-related H&N cancer, told me that the then-current figures were something like a 90 percent three-year survival rate for HPV-pos patients, but that some more recent research was showing it in the low 80s percentile. Sounds like that's the latest word.

--Jim, HPV-pos in Delaware

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