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Cyberknife Update

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Hi All,
They had a meeting of the minds today. They are going to go ahead with the Cyberknife. They will not attempt another biopsy because of the bleeding. I have not had Avastin for 4 weeks and they thought bleeding would be minimal...if any. WRONG! So they said it would be nice to have that info but at this point and time the tumor is growing and regardless of whether it is cancer or not...it still needs to come out before it does further damage to bronchial area by Hilum. I fully agree. The 2 markers they put in may or may not stay in place. Even if both dislodge and I have NO markers...they are still doing the Cyberknife. It may take a little "good" tissue as a result but would still be very minimal compared to say...regular radiation. Again... thats doable. I cancelled my chemo today but may opt to do one more session tomorrow as I now know if I puke up a marker it ain't gonna stop nothing. They chemo is also important at this point as it has already wiped out that second tumor that lit up in the other lung and I have a few other nodules that I want gone BEFORE they lite up. I go friday and get fit for my "cradle" vest thingy. They will also do scan then to see where my markers are. Hopefully they will both still be intact....that would be best case scenario. I will post next week with another update after fridays visit.,.... Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers and the love... :)


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I am glad for you that the plan is unfolding + wish for nothing but pure success for you.

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you got the game face on as well...it looks as though the butt kickin' round here is fixin' to commence....Stay strong Jen...walk straight into it, you'll come out the other side just fine......Love to you and yours, Buzz

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Kerry S
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Jennie darlin,
I know you will come out of this on top. Just pure gut feel. You are as strong as the scary old woman I live with. Nothing gets in her way nothing gets in yours.

Love ya

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I'm am amazed by your guts. You go girl. Laura

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You go girl and sounds like a plan and their wonderful minds came together. So glad that you have so many doctors that talked about what should be done. If you do the chemo tomorrow, hoping that you don't get sick and you come through it ok. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hugs and lots of prayers.


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Linda Z
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and Prayers..Hope everything goes very, very well

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Best wishes and Prayers coming your way. Take care. Margaret

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Good to see they have a plan of action and are not just sitting around wondering what to do.

Lov ya

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wishing you a successful procedure... and sending love to you and your family.. Elizabeth

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Cancer's not big enough to deal with you. You can take it for sure!!!

I'll be praying for you.


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Knowing ALL of you has made this fight bearable. I hope you ALL know how much I treasure each and every one of you! Take care


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GREAT NEWS! I so hope it gets all that stuff there. After my surgery meeting today, I want cyberknife! Best of luck

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A game plan and your attitude, that is an unbeatable combination. Go get 'em jennie

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So glad to find out the Doctors have decided to go forward with the surgery. You are so strong, you will be just fine. Saying a prayer for you and the family for nothing short of a positive outcome.


Fight for my love
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Hi Jennie,you are in my prayers as always,good luck with all the procedures and treatments.Take care.

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