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Nutrition: Cause and Treatment for Chronic Diseases

Dan Altic
Publish date: 
February 2007

This website shows how lifestyle is both the primary cause and the basic remedy for degenerative chronic diseases, including cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes. The following four aspects are highlighted:

1) According to nutritionists, the main common cause of chronic diseases appears to be
acidosis or body over-acidity. This condition produces a progressive deterioration of our metabolism, our physiology and our immune system, which are the essential functions that sustain health and life itself. This deterioration is a general condition, reason why degenerative diseases never come alone.

2) Our modern lifestyle appears to be the major cause of acidosis and ultimately of most degenerative diseases. This lifestyle is characterized by a lack of physical activities, a too stressful emotional and physical environment and an acidic diet.

3) A healthy lifestyle, with physical exercises, less stresses and a balanced alkaline diet, empowers our body to successfully prevent diseases and heal itself with or without prescription medications.

4) The website focuses particularly on nutrition and health. Nutritional plans with alkaline diet and supplements are suggested.

Altichealthprevention.com suggests to patients with cancer and to cancer survivors to adopt the healthy lifestyle described above. That will allow the body to better fight the disease and to increase the effectiveness of the medications prescribed by the physicians.

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