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Lynch Syndrome - HNPCC

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Have you tested positive for Lynch Syndrome/HNPCC? How long have you had your positive results? How often do you think about cancer? I tested positive a few months ago and can't stop thinking about my increased odds for the syndrome of cancer. I go for my CA-125 every 6 months, colonoscopy once a year, have changed to a healthier diet (higher fiber, lower fat), I exercise about 4x each week...so I'm doing all the right things...just wondering if I'm obsessive or if its normal to think about my Lynch Syndrome frequently (every day to every other day).

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I got the same recommendations but have quite similar feelings. They even recommended hysterectomy. It's still difficult to imagine after having a colon surgery not long ago.

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Lynch syndrome is an inherited medical condition in which people affected inherit several genes that make them much more likely to develop certain types of cancer. Most commonly those who have Lynch syndrome are at higher risk for colon, endometrial and ovarian cancer, and are especially likely to get these conditions at a young age, before they turn 45. The condition, which is often diagnosed based on family history or early onset of cancer plus family history, is best fought through examinations that can catch cancer early on when chance of treating it successfully remains highest.


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