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Sad news to report about Donna ~UPDATE 8-1-10~

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I’m personally taking a big jump in reporting this news. But Donna said it was up to me if I felt if it was the time to tell you guys on the board. I was kind of hopping she would get home soon to give you the update herself but I feel at this time she needs everybody sending good thought, prayers, or whatever you want to call it SHE NEEDS IT. Donna’s daughter Chey reported to me that the cancer has now spread to her mom’s brain and the doctors told her that there is no longer anything they can do for her. I’m crying as I write this because I feel very close to Donna and her daughter Chey. They both hold a special place in my heart and they will continue to hold that spot forever. I hope that someday I can be half the person that Donna is. She has faced this head on and never flinched. Her daughter Chey is way beyond the 13 years she has been on this earth. She has what I would call a old soul and is a pleasure to talk to. This is a trait that she must have got from Donna. Donna has done a great job in raising her family while fighting this monster. I LOVE you Donna!!!


UPDATE>>> I talked to Donna on the phone today and she says thank you for all the support you guys have given her and for all of us to stay strong. She would love to post something but right now it’s very hard for her to get her thoughts together because of the cancer. I told her that we all love her very much and that she has touched the lives of many of us, including me. Hospice will be out sometime this week and I told her that she’s welcome to call me 24/7 for any reason. If anyone wants to send her a card please send to my address (PM me for address) and I’ll forward it to her or if you already have her address just sent it to her directly. I don’t feel comfortable giving anyone's address out. I hope you all understand. This so very hard for me to deal with too but we need to stay strong for Donna and that includes me :o(

I’m a better person because I have known Donna!!


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Donna and her family certainly have all my prayers during this terrible trial. I hope that the docs are able to keep Donna pain free.

Thank you Brooks for sharing this update.

If only our tears could bring a cure.


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Me too Buzz.... It pains me so much. :o(

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Please know that my thoughts and prayers, great vibes and everything in between are headed your way!




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Just when I think I'm strong and not much can make me cry, I read this. There is no way not to cry when hearing bad news for Donna.

Donna has always been out there LIVING and keeping such a positive strong attitude, and taking care of her family, all while dealing with the effects of treatments. She has always been full of support for all of us. It is so hard to hear this news. I want to stomp my feet and jump up and down and throw a temper tantrum! It just isn't fair!

I HATE CANCER! I hate what it does to people like Donna, and families - families that have to face losing an important member WAY too soon.

Donna and her whole family are in my prayers. They have been all along, but I will ask for strength for all of them to get through whatever the future brings together.

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I spoke to Donna once on the phone when she was researching Thera Spheres. She was as loveley "in person" as she is on this board. Damn it, I f##*&n HATE this cancer.

what a horrible run on this board.

Donna, my heart and prayers are with you and your family.

Brooks, hugs to you too

My hart is just aching tonight.


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oh Donna.
I along with everyone am just crushed. Love you- if there is anything I or any one of us can do, please let us know. Your kids, your husband, your family, friends- they are all in my prayers. Of course you are too- I pray for peaceful times ahead for all of you.

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I hate this disease so much. I'm absolutely sick about this. Donna gave me such a warm and sweet welcome when I joined this board last fall - her love of life and enthusiasm (especially for her theater and performing!) are so apparent. She was the first person who demonstrated to me that life doesn't end at a cancer diagnosis.

My prayers and thoughts are going out to Donna and her family tonight. Please keep us posted as you find out more, Brooks.

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Like Buzz and the others, I am speechless and just can't believe it.

Love ya Donna - Tina and George

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Oh, God. That's all. Oh, God. Can't say anymore right now.


P.S. I'm singing a solo in church tomorrow, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me." The last time I sang it a friend had just been put in hospice. Tomorrow my thoughts will all be with Donna.

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I am so sad to hear this news. I am hoping the doctors might find some treatment to deal with it and am holding my breath for this. I am only about an hour away from OU hospital if that is where you are Donna.

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Donna, strong prayers are being said for you over and over. We love you. We want you to remember that you are very special to us. We are thinking of you and please think of us too.


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I am sorry to hear this bad news,I will be praying for her,and her family.I HATE CANCER SO MUCH.

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Why not????? I don't get it..... why the heck can't SOMETHING be done????? Donna ...and all the others...fight and fight and fight..for years... and then thats it??? sorry??? wtf??? I am so majorily bummed about this ... and all the crap!


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Nana b
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Oh God! Donna came on this board right after I did....she was so scared and reaching out for us, and I was new too and she spoke of her fears fears that I had inside also, mainly of th unknown. Buzz jumped in to toss her the rope and she caught it and climbed to the top with the other survivors on this board. I pray for a miracle, show her a sign lord that you are there for her! Please!

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Just can't express how much this has hit me. This month has been so hard and now another one that is affected so much. My heart is just aching and my tears are just coming from all that we have lost this month. Just don't have the words to say for how I'm feeling as there really isn't any. No one that has had this disease can ever be feeling the same feelings we do. May God Bless Donna and her family as she battles with this. My heart is so heavy on this news and I'm just devastated by all this recent news and with Donna. My prayers always go out to this board every day. May the Lord be with her and family.

Love you Donna, Kim

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Oh no, this is beyond bad. My heart goes out to her friends and family. When is this going to stop? :(

I don't know what to even think anymore

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I too do not understand why there is nothing that can be done. It is rare, from what I have been told, for colon cancer to spread to the brain.
Donna, you have always been nothing but kind and supportive to me during my journey with my sister. I pray that you find some peace and comfort.
Blessings to you and your family.

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Please know my thoughts are with you. We all love you so much.

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This is hard news to hear. Donna was one of the first to welcome me here last year when I was dx. She is such a bright light of hope and strength for me. I pray that she gets through this. We all love you Donna. Please God grant her healing.

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Donna Dear,

You are so loved on this board. What an inspiration you have been from your very first post! So positive and enthusiastic and how you showed so much love for your kids and husband. I wish you peace and no more pain and I am boldly and without hesitation asking God for a miracle for you and everyone else on this board who needs one. You are one of the best and are truly loved!

Brooks, thanks for updating. This is terrible news. I HATE, HATE, HATE CANCER, TOO


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thank you for telling us. This is terrible. Donna is in my prayers and thoughts as she has been.

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I am so sorry that you're going through this. Know that we all care about you and love you. You were one of the first people who welcomed me on this board and you're such a joy and inspiration on this board. I, too, HATE cancer!!
Holding you in the Light, Donna, for healing and hope.

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I too wish to express my feelings but I just don't know the right words to say.

Donna, you are a brave, beautiful person. I have always felt your kindness coming through cyberspace and it has always been a joy to read your posts.I am so sad to hear the news that your cancer has spread. Please know that you have touched many people, on this board and elsewhere, and you have a multitude of folks sending prayers, hope, good vibes, and many sparks your way. You are a much loved woman and always remember that.


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Brooks, thank you for sharing this news. It is not an easy thing to do. Donna, you and your family are in my prayers even as I write this tonite. I Pray for peace for all of you. Jean

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I dont know what to say, your smiling face always brings happiness to my heart. You have given many of us such positive support. I will pray for you and your family.

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Oh, dear God, no! I'm crying as I write this.

I do know that colon cancer metastasizing to the brain is rare, but I do know of someone who recently also has had a brain met from colorectal cancer and recently underwent cyberknife for it. Wondering if that can be proposed to Donna's doctors- gammaknife has been the norm, but now cyberknife is replacing radiation to the brain over gammaknife in many places.
Cheyenne or Donna- if you're reading this, please, please suggest that and ask the doctors about it. Hold tight, if you can. You are loved and cared for by many, many people.

I am praying.


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Among the first to respond to my plea for help when I found this site, Donna was one of you who helped me learn to live with a bag. How I wish I could blast this disease to smithereens,I feel so helpless.....steve

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But, I will say that one of my patient partners had mets to her brain, and it was removed, and she is still kickin' cancer's butt!!!!

I am sending up prayers, sweet soul, that the same will be for you!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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All I can think of is - Oh God, not her.....she has to be ok, and there has to be something they can do....that's all.

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It has only been 2 weeks since this monster took my husband and in those two weeks how may others have been lost? This just s--ks!

Donna you and your family are in my prayers


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Crushed...again.....I HATE CANCER!

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I am totally devastated. Cheyenne or Donna, please know that I'm sending prayers and good vibes your way. Love you all!!

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this is so horrible. I dont post often but have been coming here for about 8 years. My mom died at age 46 to colon cancer. Hers too had spread to the brain. She also had it in her lungs, liver, ovaries and bones. They did surgery on her brain tumors and also radiation. This is just so sad. She is such a wonderful spirit. It saddens me deeply. It seems there would be something they could do.

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My heart is overwhelming sad !!! What an amazing person she is and I feel so lucky to know her!! My thoughts and prayers are with Donna and her family :(


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Now, hope escapes me....

For, I always thought it could never be Donna, my Chicky.

I'm devastated at this moment. She sounded so good on the phone when we talked on just the 14th, the day before I went into the hospital. Sounded just like her old self, full of life and laughter.

She and I share a special relationship as well - and have from the beginning. I've not talked with her daughters, but have with Wes - and enjoyed sending them some things for Christmas, was special to me.

I just find this so hard to take right now. Just does not seem real, but from reading the update from Brooks, it must be true. I got close to her, because she drew me in - but I know I'm better for knowing her than not. She is such an amazing spirit and everyone loves her so deeply.

I will continue to hold out hope that something can be done. Not giving up on her.

I love you, Chicky!

-Your Lion

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...totally numb. But I agree with Jennie, Lisa and Kathi there must be something else they can do. Radiation, surgery, anything. Chey if you read this, I've sent an fb message to your sister, and I mean everything I say. Love you sis, your in my prayers, please don't give up no matter what the doctors say, you can't. :'-(

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I am at a lost for words, but my prayers are flying, Please God dont take your angel Donna now, to many people need her, I know I do. We have come along way together, please God hear our prayers.


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This is what Donna would be telling each of us today. Don't give up. Yes, I have known several with brain mets from colon cancer. My husbands father died years ago from cc and had brain mets...but there has to be something that can be done - tried - all these years later! I hope Donna's doctor will have her some options for now, I know even radiation is very effective on tumors that have spread to the brain. Will not cure, but can slow the growth. I also know everything if any that can be done will depend on the location of the brain met. If it is in a location that controls speech, movement, sight, then maybe they cannot do radiation. I'm praying they give Donna some options to try - and we all know her well enough that she is asking them all these questions as well. Crying, sad, but also lifting Donna in prayer - hang in there dear - keep fighting - as you would encourage any and all of us to do.

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Donna is in my thoughts and Prayers. Today at Mass I said a special Prayer for all of you on this board. My Heart and Prayers go out to you, you are all very strong people. You have helped me out just listening to my posts and I am sure you have all helped a lot more people than you know. I will keep Donna and her family in my Prayers and all of you. God Bless you. Margaret

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Paula G.
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Just read this post. John told me about it just a minute ago. Damn it I just can't believe it! My heart is just full right now and I am crying too.
Donna, read Lisa42's post it maybe an option. I'm thinking of you and you are a champ in my book. Prayer's good thoughts and all that can go with it from JR and me too. Love you, Paula

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coming to me right now. I just have no words. Totally shocked and devastated. I am sorry but not ready to give up you, Donna. Be strong cause this board needs you.

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I tried to send you my address but it states "abmb does not accept private messages." You need to look into this on your side.


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abmb does not accept private messages.

just email me at

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thanks for giving me your e-mail address. i fixed my end so that i will get messages. my e-mail will come up: omasgrandangels@yahoo.com

thoughts and Prayers are with Donna. I asked all at work to keep her in their Prayers. Margaret

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I have no idea how to pm. Please pm me, so I can get your address to send Donna a card.
Many thanks.
Winter Marie

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Nana b
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It's on the home page, your inbox.

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Hi my name is Sonjia ,Sherri22 lil sis anyways could you please get me Donnas addresse so that my sister can mail her a card,Sherri thinkis alot of her and talks about her often. She would write this but her computer is acting up once again. Thanks Sonjia oh yeh my email is ssonjia@yahoo.com ps dont forget the extra S in my name


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