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AA3 Recovery

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I just want to share that my 18 year old daughter is doing really well. She was diagnosed with AA3 when she was 16, Feb. 2009. She had surgery to remove the tumor, followed by radiation treatments and oral chemo. She had oral chemo for a year, every 6 weeks. She has had MRI's every three months for 17 months, and all MRI's have been clear. She is starting college next month and I am feeling like, "Wow, we are going to beat this thing." Our lives are going back to normal and I feel hopeful. And she is feeling good again. Never give up hope, I won't.
God bless all of you who are fighting this tumor. Don't give up.

PBJ Austin
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It's always a joy to read survival stories. My sister has had 3 clear MRI's since February and we couldn't be more pleased. It's hard to belive just a year and a half ago the news seemed so grim and now we are so full of hope. HOORAY!!

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It is good to read of survival stories....I have AA3 and just diagnosed in March 2010, currently coming to the end of Radiotherapy. I have read mixed reviews about Chemo , tho this has not been suggested to me as yet as part of my treatment plan.....any thoughts on it ?
so pleased to hear about your sister :)

PBJ Austin
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Welcome to our club.

I'm sure the experience is different for everyone but according to my sister chemo isn't half as bad as radiation. She took Temador 5 days a month then 23 days off. It's a pill so there's no port and of course you can take it at home. She's now off treatment and feeling great.

Good luck in your treatment.

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