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how many people have had HIPEC?

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How many have had the HIPEC surgery and was it successful?? Where is a good place to have the technique? I live in Ca and have read that UCSD does the surgery, however, I don't know how long they have been doing it or how successful they have been. Since I do have ascities in the peritineal area I thought this might be a good option. Thank you for any info you can pass on.

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Check with Roger (Crow71). He is recouperating now. He had HIPEC and liver resection at the same time at Wake Forest. If you send him a pm he can fill you in on it. On the Colon Club, SkiFletch is having it done beginning of August, not sure where. I thought, could be wrong though, that HIPEC was for peritoneal mets, do you have peritoneal mets?

Take care - Tina

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Where is colon club located?

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Paula G.
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Just had to chime in. My husband does not have peritineal mets but one of my friends husband does. She has done a ton of research and it is a pretty rough thing to go through. We have lost people on this board that had it done and on the other site.

I am just saying to do the research and talk to your doctor to understand all the risks and benefits. Some have done okay with it so I don't want to turn you away from it either.

I think ascities is fluid or has to do with fluid build up. Do you have mets in your petitneal? If not I don't think this would be an option. I am not a doctor just putting out what I have heard or read. Good Luck, Paula Good idea to PM Rodger

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Jennifer has had this surgery (jenhopesnpray) and she had a good experience for this mother of all surgeries.

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I just want to let you know my father had it done in Manhattan. He is stage 4 colon caner. He had a large tumor in his peritineal cavity. When they went in to remove it they then gave him HIPEC where they heat up the chemo and administer it for an hour. My dad also has heart disease and diabetes and they did not feel the Hipec was a risk for him. They said when he woke from surgery he may have burning in his stomach but they put him on alot of pain meds. Considering the 8 hours of surgery and the hipec he was awake and joking around with everyone. First 2 scans showed no disease and if it returns he will undergo hipec again. If you have any other questions email me and i will ask my dad.

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hello elaine 77
My husband is going through that. He has stage 3 colon cancer... and how is the recovery? how long does it last? does it hurt for the patient ? I'm so nervous because is like 9 hours. I would like to hear from you... thanks

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Hey Jill - First off, I love your picture. I went surfing once when I visited a friend in LA years ago, and I've always wanted to do it again. When we've to the beach here in NC I've either been too busy with the kids or too drunk to surf. Good times.

I had cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC, liver mets removed or ablated, rectal/colon resection and ileostomy in April. It took about 12 hours. The recovery has been rough. Also the incision became infected and still hasn't healed, but it's close. It's successful in that Dr. Shen did everything he planned and got rid of a lot of cancer. For the long run, I'll just have to stay positive and do everything I can to take care of myself. I have my first post op scan next week. I'm planning on doing 6 months of folfori.

Dr. Shen and Dr. Levine at Wake Forest have done HIPEC for many years. Shen is getting ready to publish his latest numbers. People come from all over. I went to Sloan for a second opinion back in Feb and was told that Sloan does not do the surgery. They recommend the University of Pittsburgh and Wake. I highly recommend Wake and love my doctors, but I'm sure that UCSD or one of the other major west coast cancer centers would be great as well. Definitely let me know if you come East.

I did this surgery because it was the most aggressive way to go. Don't hesitate to ask more questions.

Many sparks to you. Peritoneal mets are a *****.

Take care - Roger

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I had cytoreductive with HIPEC at the same place Roger did, with the same doctors, although Levine was my lead, in May of 2009. I pretty much had the same results as he has as well, with much follow up infection, but it did the job as far as getting rid of the cancer I had active at the time. It isn't a procedure for wimps, though. It is a very tough procedure to recover from and your doctors will tell you that up front. Definitely find someone who has done MANY of these procedures personally, at a hospital that is familiar with the recovery from it, before even considering having it done; it's definitely one of those things you don't want a dabbler doing.

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I work with Dr Lowy at UCSD and I think I can answer alot of your questions. I don't know if you are eligible for surgery or not and I will probably have more questions than you but I am happy to speak to you. My # is 858 822-6243.

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I work with Dr Lowy at UCSD and I think I can answer alot of your questions. I don't know if you are eligible for surgery or not and I will probably have more questions than you but I am happy to speak to you. My # is 858 822-6243.

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Jill - I had HIPEC last year and came through with flying colors. I was only in the hospital 10 days, 2 in ICU on a ventilator as it was a 10 hour surgery. The only tumors I had were in the omentum. I was only able to do 5 rounds of chemo after because I had reactions to the chemo. I think that's why I now have a hot spot--one lymph node and some activity on my colon-should find out how bad and what's next soon. If I need surgery, I'm going to push for HIPEC again to see if we can knock it out for good.

Anyway, talk to Debbie that works with Dr. Lowy at UCSD--she's great as is Dr. Lowy. I met with him last year, although he did not do my surgery. If he had not been out of network I would definitely gone with him. I had a relatively new HIPEC doc that works for Kaiser, my HMO. She was really good.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask. Best of luck to you, Traci

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Hi Jill,

I haven't had HIPEC done, but I know that the dr. who performed my liver resection at UCSD two years ago (Dr. Andrew Lowy) also does HIPEC. I realllly liked him- he spent so much time explaining everything to me before my surgery & I had no complications whatsoever (and my scar is a nice clean, smooth line- things like that do matter too :)
Dr. Lowy trained at MD Anderson and worked at a hospital in Cincinatti before coming to San Diego. I had heard that UCSD worked hard to bring him to San Diego. I would definitely call and consult with him. His assistant (who gave her phone # above) is also very nice and helpful.

Best wishes to you!

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My surgeon (Dr. Paty at Memorial Sloan Kettering) removed all visible signs of cancer (along with my omentum, and pieces of my colon and peritoneum; my uterus and ovaries had been removed during my initial surgery.) He then placed a belly port so that I could receive multiple treatments if intraperitoneal chemo outside of the surgical setting (every 2 weeks for a series of 4 to 9 treatments - I had 5.) It's an alternate, that MSK thinks is comparable in results with usually fewer problems than HIPEC.

It's another viable option.


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I have not had HIPEC .... if i have to go that route (for my signet ring adenocarcinoma) am going to see Dr Sugarbaker in Washington Dc. He happens to be the closest one to me ... i live in Virginia. I am also considering IP chemo as an alternative...I read that he also does that procedure. I would suggest asking about both procedures and eeigh the benefits and risks of each.


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