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glioblastoma stage 4

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hi. my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in jan. of 2010. he has been through the radiation and chemo. he also had surgery which removed most of it. now my dr. is talking about treatment with avistan. i just wanted to find out if this works and if so for how long. i do know everyone is different ,but just want to get an idea. i would really appreciate any kind of feedback on this thank you.

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My best friend has been fighting a glioblastoma multiforme stage4 for 22 months now...she's had two surgeries, radiation and oral chemo Temador......her's has returned......she is now on an experimental chemo XL184 (oral) given to her by physicians at DUKE in NC.....Avistan is an IV chemo from what I understand....she decided on this clinical trial before going on Avistan...the XL184 has caused some pretty severe side effects, ie vomiting and diarhhea.....but it seems to be keeping the glio in check.....and in hopes of reducing the side effects they have lowered the dosage......she has been on this for several months now....it maybe worth checking this out before starting Avistan....

I wish you and your husband well...

Peace be with you

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my husband was DX with GBM of the spine in February 2010, and has done the standard partial resection (used to diagnose) then followed up with temodar (oral chemo) and radiation. He did the maintenance round of temodar and didn't do well with it at all. He then went to the CPT-11 (IV chemo) as well as the Avastin.

They're kicking his *** actually. He gets very ill and has issues with nausia, diareah, constipation and extreme fatigue. We've done 4 rounds now and we'll do 2 more then make a decision to either continue this or not though I'm not sure what else there is for treatment...

I have a care page for him if you'd like, you can check out our story so to speak... http://www.carepages.com/carepages/earlsodyssey

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