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Acid Reflux

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Ok, anybody having Acid Reflux when on Chemo. My husband has now started throwing up when on chemo and having acid reflux. Anti nauseau meds are not helping with that. then 1 day after getting off chemo he's fine, like he was never on it. I keep telling him that I think that it is acid reflux making him throw up, cause he says it tastes acidy (sorry for description) - so anyone else having this problem?

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I was throwing up all the time,even getting up at night to throw up,and I now have barretts esphogus and have to take prilosec 2 times a day,and sometimes alka selzer with it.Talk to the doctor about it,and see what they say.Good luck.

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Thank you - i did tell him to tell the Onc. that he thinks its acid reflux - seeing that last chemo was the first time she gave him anti nauseau meds to take home.

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I didn't get a chance to tell my onc, but I did tell my onc nurse. She told me to pick up famotadine and take 20mg a day. That stopped it. I never vomited with chemo, but I can imagine the taste would be rather nasty. :)

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George never threw up with chemo, never had nausea, but he did have acid reflux, burped up a storm. Now, he did have acid reflux before we knew of the cancer but to me it seemed worse while on chemo. You could hear him burping on the other side of the house, poor guy, and if you are burping hard then it could cause you to throw up.

His anti-nausea during chemo was Anzamet, given IV, before chemo and he never experienced any nausea. I don't see many getting this but it worked like a charm for George. The thought of taking big pills before chemo when you have acid reflux was not appealing to George so he was glad to get the IV of Anzamet.

Hope this helps.


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My husband never got sick on chemo before either. He was on chemo every two weeks, then he had his scans and he is NED - so they moved him to chemo every three weeks. He will be on that for the rest of his life. Ever since they put him on the every three weeks chemo, the side effects get worse with every one. He also gets anti nauseau through IV before chemo - that used to work, now he's sick by the second night. I told him that I thought it was acid reflux, as he used to get that alot before he got his c-pap machine - then it stopped. Next treatment he is going to tell the onc about the reflux - hopefully she can help him.

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Had it bad when on chemo, tried several things, finally the script nexuim worked, like a charm. Also, don't eat,drink and then lie back right away, and prop up in bed helps.
Hope he gets some relief soon.

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Nana b
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Aciphex works wonders, but the change in my diet and the vitamins are what really took the reflux away.

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I have acid reflux but not sure if it is from chemo. (3 years ago now) Turns out I have hernia which causes it. I could see how acid reflux might be an issue for chemo patients though. I did have some stomach and intestinal issues during my treatment. Ask if you can take Nexium.


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