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5 months... tests are good

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CT and Scope are both good!.. teeth problems but after cancer..that's hard to complain about!... peg tube can come out!...

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Glenna M
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WooHoo!!! Great news about the scan and scope. I'm sure you are anxious to get rid of the tube also, it's a great feeling when it's finally gone.

I go for my CT on August 2nd, it will be my 3rd scan post treatment, am praying it will show that I'm still in remission. Trying very hard not to get anxious and not worry about it - lol - easier said than done.

It's time for you to celebrate and enjoy the great news.

My best to you,

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Pam M
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Great to hear. Congrats on the good checkup - appreciate you sharing the good news.

Congrats, too on the PEG removal - I get mine out next week

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WFL, nice to some good news on your Scans and also that you can get depegged ! I good jump forward.


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So glad to hear a good report. Keep up the good work!!


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Great news to wake up to on a Monday morning. Rejoice in your good news; as we all yet to be scanned hold on to the hope of the same good news one day!!!!

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Nice start for a monday! Congratulation's on your great new's!

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After reading the sad news of Tim's passing, this brightened my outlook just a bit.
Go out and celebrate -- but don't neglect your teeth! If you're not using fluoride trays, please ask your dentist -- and if your dentist doesn't cooperate, find a new dentist. The last thing you need after going through hell is to have your teeth fall out.

--Jim in Delaware

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My husband has his trays and has had scaleing and cleaning since treatment. he has two dead teeth on the side of strong rads. they are doing a root canal on both Weds.

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Great to hear the good report on the CT

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