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One year without my mommy :'(

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A year ago today, my beloved mother passed away. I am only 17, was 16 then. She was the only one to comfort me at hard times, so now I am lost without her. Besides Mother's Day, today has been one of the realest and hardest days I have yet to live without her. & I think I have finally realized I have been in shock and denial for a very very long time, and am just now mourning the loss of my mother. I graduated from high school and went to Prom, and experienced everything this past year without her. My first heartbreak was when she passed and it has yet to heal. There will always be the empitness inside of me. Although I have peace with knowing she is no longer hurting or suffering, I miss her and it hurts. I just can't believe my mommy is gone, and she will not be able to see me graduate, walk me down the isle, be a grandma and meet her grandkids all because God took her too soon. <3

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thank you dear child. you reminded me how wonderful my life is i have had the honor of doing all the things your mom will miss. but you know she really won't miss them at all she will be with you forever if you keep her alive in your heart. remember the things she taught you. how to act like a lady how to tie your shoes how to wash and dress your self how to walk and talk. all of these things you take with you everyday. she will be watching you and how well you carring on from here. this is how she will be remembered.

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Thank you for reminding me that no matter where I am, I can find my mom. I would never wish this on my worst enemy because no child should live without a mother or a father. My memories of her and things we did together will never fade and I am so thankful for the time I was given, but I am so confused of why I wasn't given longer. I hope and pray to God that he didn't give you the disease. If so, I pray that your kids find peace and comfort with you now and welcome your presence forever.

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I'm so sorry but wanted to let you know, I completely understand your hurt and heart ache. It's been three months since I've lost my mother to cancer and I miss her dearly. I am sorry that she had to leave you so soon, but know that our lives are in God's hands. Each of us has a time programmed to when we are born and when we die. It was my mom's time, and it was your mom's time.

I am still greiving for my mother, as you must be. Yet I find comfort in that my mom is no longer in pain, she is with God, looking down at me, watching over me. She will always be in my heart and I in hers. I can now look at her picture and say, "hi mom," and "I love you" without crying.

God bless your dear heart and I pray that He will continue to comfort you and build you up. Know that you are loved very much.

I know there will be very difficult times, but don't give up, cry when you need to, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help, be frank with God and He will help you to bear through this pain.

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