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Radition treatment OVER

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Hey ladys wow, i most say im sorry for not coming on as offten as i once use to. We been so very busy here i hope this fines you all well, i know there is probley loads of new ones here as well.

Today was my last round of radition treatment the nurses all made such a big deal and kept telling me congrates they even gave me a Gardan Angel PIN i was so happy its over with i only had 3 treatments the 1st one i became sick to my tummy and felt as if i would throw up. the 2nd was a little beter but a week later i got the flu so had to put the last one on hold but i just had the 3rd one still feel very sick to the tummy but doing good.

he told me i had to heal up and on my 1 month check up he would then give me the Dalitor to use and i would need to use it offten but i wont get this until 1 month check up.

todays was very painful i about cried but he said i was a little sore and very red inside from the 1st 2 rounds was why it was very sore.

i have a check up with my cancer doctor in AUG ill have the check ups for the next 5 years of course until im cancer free

but for now im so thankful that all treatments are over with i still have pain inside me around where the scare tisue is healing through

how ever the belly button area Finley has healed up it seem like that took forever where the cut was up and down and near the belly botton well that spot stayed open it took 2 months for it to finley close thank goodness it closed it was linking stuff but not blood my scare tisue does have some sores on it and once in a while those hurt.

But i think all and all im doing fine there is the Emotional side of it through theres times it hits me very hard and i want to cry but i cant get it out what cancer has taken away from me is hard i cant have kids and right now adoption is out of the Question.

so its the hardest part i think to have to take in but i think im strong and have been strong i wake up each day thanking GOD for the life he has given to me and im in remison and the fact no more treatments at lest for now

i dont no about u ladys but there has been times on this roller coster of a ride i felt like LAB rat like u are going to and from this doctor ETC xrays CT scans blood test radition surgery and other stuff makes u feel like a Lab rat i no its all life saving but at times it can be to much on one person

we need to make woman aware of this cancer theres not enough awareness

anyways so far this is where im

remison and no more treatment needed but still have the visits and check ups for the next 5 years

ok God bless ladys

April Lorey

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Cecile Louise
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Yay! You've made it through the radiation and are in remission - that's wonderful! I'm sorry that you're having discomfort, but surely it will pass and you can get back to your regularly scheduled life soon :) I'm so glad you have positive news to share and please let us know how you are doing.


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Am so happy to hear that you have finished treatment...and are NED! That is truly wonderful news! You have been a real trooper and now you can put all of this behind you and start enjoying life again.

Best to you always!


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Glad you made it through without significant side effects. I too had nausea with the radiation. I had 28 external treatments and a 28 internal radiation treatment though. It took several weeks for the nausea to go away. I have no nausea now. Sorry to hear about your soreness, too. In time that will get better too. Continue to take it one day at a time and you will soon be able to get on with your life. Continue to thank God everyday for the many blessings he has given you. So happy you are in remission. In peace and caring.

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Thanks Ladys it means alot to me i am looking forward to geting on with my life it seems my life has not been my life since i found out about the cancer. part of me cant fully get on with my life for 5 full years, i can live with out treatment thank goodness

but as many of u no the doctor visits check ups praying each time u go you get the NED i dont no why but my check ups are every 3 months for 2 full years then every 6 months for 3 years then if all is well ill be cancer free in 5 years and say bye bye to all cancer doctor visits at lest thats what im hoping my cancer doctor said until im cancer free he will still treat ment as if i have cancer with check ups and visits

so im sure every time i walk in to those doors at the cancer center its gonna hit me all over again but at the same time i praise GOD for NED

ill keep updated

i wish i could be done with visits to LOL but one day i will be if it dont return

did any one in stage 1 but grade 2 ever go in to remison like me then it come back or cancer came back in another spot ??????????

thats whats worries me

my doctor is only doing pevlics and paps he is not doing blood work at all and ct scans is once a year thats IT so i wonder if i get cancer back in another spot how will he even no ?

ok god bless

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Great to hear your good news!


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Kat Lady
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So glad you hear you are done, April; I have been wondering about you, as I know we started about the same time and we each had 3 treatments. Hope you heal quickly.

I also am done as of yesterday! The last treatment was a challenge. One of the machines was broken, so everything was way behind schedule. Then my doctor has another commitment, another doctor did my treatment. Then that doctor is asking ME if I can feel the applicator against the incision; can't they tell if it is in far enough or not? Then someone else says "Your treatment is 10 minutes, isn't it?" I said, "Let's not mess that up! Dr. Jacobsen said 7 minutes." That's when I found out each treatment is a little longer than the last. Finally he says, "It is 493 seconds long." That turned out to be 8 minutes 22 seconds. So glad it's over; just hope they did it right; felt very insecure without my own doctor. Now it is just wait and see on the lymph nodes; they didn't stage them at surgery; however, it got in the lymph vessels, so there is some concern even with a grade 1, stage 1a adenocarcinoma. The way I figure it, life is a gamble anyway, and there is a bigger plan, so I am not going to worry (too much) about it. Back on August 24th for my re-check and to get my "dilator" I would imagine.

Try not to worry, April! Stay positive! We are both going to be fine!


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To both Julie and April....isn't it a nice feeling to have it all behind you? I was estatic when mine was over, as ready to watch the hair grow back.

Be positive and enjoy your freedom days from doctors & treatment!!

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Am curious as to Stage and Grade of ur adenocarcinoma. I'm 1bn0m0 or IB (which they used to call IC)Grade 3 (poorly differentiated). Was confined to ute, but 60% into myomet. wall. Was not in any other place (10 lymph nodes sampled; ute, cervix, tubes, and ovaries removed and tested). I'm either going to have the 3 HDR internal brachy. treatments or can just observe. What rad treatment(s) did u have? Thanks! Alice

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