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Saw my ENT today (Dr G). He walks in and says, "Hey, good to see you! You're looking great! Hey that PET scan, you know when I see one like yours I've never seen a patient get a recurrence so I think it's safe to say you're cured. There is the 5-year rule, but in my experience I think it's safe to say you are out of the woods."


More good news: no evidence of thrush! Awesome.
More good news: he cleaned out wax from my troublesome right ear and I CAN HEAR!!! The tinnitus is still there, but what a difference.

He figures I will probably have slow recovery on swallowing over the next 6 months and that I am to "keep at it" in terms of trying to swallow. I see the speech pathologist on Thursday.

Next major decision: what tattoo to get!



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Holy cow that is some awesome news!
I saw my primary physician this week and he unplugged my wax filled right ear and what a joy it was to hear again!

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That is music to my ears. I am so happy to see your post. What great news. Congratulations.
Life.....bring it on!!!!!

Kent Cass
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but it does seem a bit early to be proclaimed C-free, Mick, so soon after your treatment. Thing is- maybe this means your next PS/CT won't be until the 1-year post-treatment, like it was with me. That's a good thing. For now, Mick, and many months to come- OH YEAH, this is excellent to hear from you.


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Posts: 430
Joined: Dec 2009

Yes, Dr said in his "experience" a scan like mine means very good news. He added the disclaimer, as I noted, that there is the 5-year rule within which anything can happen. I am aware that this is early, yet I am cautiously optimistic that his experience is good for something.



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So glad you can hear somewhat again. But....(I remember asking you this months ago.LOL)....Can you Yawn ???

Audiologist told me when he cleaned out mine, that alot of radiated dead skin tissue was in my ear canal, which made sense.


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Mick, that is just SUPER!!! I'll drink to you, using Pepsi, of course....lol. Seriously though, I've very, very happy for you.
God bless you, Mick,

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Great to hear Mick, so glad for you.


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Excellent news for you and your family, and for all of us Mick. I'm sure it's a great relief to have the right ear working again also. Keep up the good news.


greg from pa
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congrats! That is great news Mick.You all are a great encouragement here.time to get some ink..... Greg

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Congratulation's on your wonderfull new's! Also hearing is functioning again! I am so happy for you!

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Thanks for sharing your good news. It's an inspiration to all. My other half will have his first PET scan post treatment in August. Hope to hear similar words...

tattoo ideas...."survivor".

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Mick, so good to hear the good news. Sleep well tonight.

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D Lewis
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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news! It lifts us all up!


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I long to hear those words. Good for you!Live well.

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Hey Mic, That is some awesome news. Gives us all hope!! :)


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Glenna M
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Love reading about great reports like yours. It shows us all that there is hope.

Now you can do some serious searching for your tatoo ;-)

My best to everyone,

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That's a lotta good news Bro'! Glad to hear it. As for the eating, one day I couldn't eat and then over 3 days all the sores on my tongue went away and I could start eating again. Hopefully you'll have a turn-around like mine on the eating thing.

Positive thoughts....

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Pam M
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Doing Dance of Joy (chair version). Excellent to hear. "Safe to say you're cured" - man, did you ever hear a more lovely phrase?

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My heart is full of joy and happiness for you! Congrats and good health to you! It has been a long and bumpy road! Hope you can start to enjoy some real food! God bless Mick!
Patty ((Hugs))

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Score it Mick 1, cancer 0.

--Jim in Delaware

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Congrats Mick and thanks for spreading all of your good news around. I think sometimes good news can be contagious, or I hope so.
I would say that Dr. experience counts for a lot...if he said it, I'd take it to the bank.

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Hey Mick,

Here's hoping the doc is right. Good luck and positive thoughts headed your way.


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Rejoicing in your wonderful news!!

friend of Bill
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Joined: Mar 2010

Congratulations, Mick, on perfectly wonderful news! You have battled so hard and this is a wonderful payday. Keep picking!


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I'm so happy to hear your news.

With Glenn's diagnosis being so similar to yours, it's always encouraging to hear about your progress.

Congratulations and keep going.

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I am glad to hear the good report and see your humor is still intact, the decision to get a new tattoo is not the problem, it is where to put the tattoo….

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Joined: Apr 2010

What great news! Glad to hear you are getting a 'clean bill of health'. Hope the swallowing continues to get easier!

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