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Dennis Hopper

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Most of us know Dennis Hopper passed recently due to prostate cancer. I read he was diagnosed in 2002. Does anyone know what treatment he received?

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Haven't heard but I'd be interested to know. Usually celebs can avail themselves of any and all available treatment options. If he had died of this last year when I was going through my diagnosis, I'd have freaked out!

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From what I have read they didn't find the prostate cancer till it had allready spread to his bones. The only thing on google was that he was in an experimental treatment program at USC (Univeristy of Southern California) Medical school for his advanced prostate cancer.


Again the best action is early detection in my opinion.


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I agree with you, Larry, about taking measures to detect cancer early. I feel the loss of any man to PCa is a tragedy, celebrity or no. From what I've read, Dennis Hooper lived his life as he wanted and I only hope all of us can look back whent the party's over and sing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" song with gusto.

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