Got some good news T1

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I guess you could say this was the best news someone could get if they have gastric cancer. My brother went for the endoscope/sonogram today. The cancer is very localized and very small. It has not spread to the lymph nodes or outer walls of the stomach.

Next step is to see the surgeon on Thursday to discuss the results. As I mentioned before my brother also has a major problem with his heart. He has moderate/serve aortic valve stenosis that will need to be replaced. I am wondering if they can operate on him for the stomach first or if they need to repair the valve first. Today the doctor would not put in asleep because of the heart issue. He was awake for the endoscope/sonogram. My brother said it wasn't not pleasant.

If anyone can give me advice as to what the next steps are please let me know.



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    No advice Ellen - but I
    No advice Ellen - but I think that is great news on your brother - (wow - he must be pretty tough for doing the scope awake - )

    Best of luck to him -
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    Hi Ellen,so happy for you
    Hi Ellen,so happy for you and your brother.this makes the prognosis much better.
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    Hi Ellen and welcome to you
    Hi Ellen and welcome to you and your brother. Congratulations on him catching his cancer early! And not being sedated during scope??? wow! I would think that they would want to do first things first, and repair his heart valve, and then go on to have chemo or radiation for the tumor in the stomach. Once the tumor in the stomach is shrunk, they can do the surgery, not having to worry about his heart issue.
    Best of luck to you both. Keep us posted.