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Thanks for writing back to me. I am doing a little research on the internet since we have not got the results back from the DNA testing. The doctor first wanted to do a test for calicum levels as that would be a quicker test and give an indication if the poorly diffuse signet ring cells were inherited.

My question/s if the pathology states that you have poorly differential diffuse signet ring cells from a biopsy does that mean it is automatically the inherited type of gastric cancer?

My brother was diagnosed with this at age 59 last month. But we had another brother who died at age 33. He had been in a fire and was badly burned. He recovered from the burn--but was never 100%. Anyway he too had a bleeding ulcer that he passed away from. They couldn't stop the bleeding. Anyway an autopsy was completed. On the death certificate it stated he had magliant tumors in stomach, pancrease and liver. This was in 1986 could this have been the heritary gastric cancer as well?

Do you think I should tell my other siblings to be tested as well as myself. I am 47 years old. I have a twin sister and one other brother age 56.

Thank you for your reply

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    Dear Ellen,I hope your
    Dear Ellen,I hope your brother is moving ahead with treatment fast.One can't say if a few days here and there make a difference in prognosis but I can imagine the mental agony you must be going through.
    Diffuse gastric cancer is often genetically inherited though it can be a mutant in a single patient.Since there is more than one case in your family genetic inheritance is more likely and you should suggest counselling for your siblings.What one does with that knowledge is again a personal decision.
    In our family we have my father and son with stomach cancer and i am a breast cancer survivor.Other than stomach cancer the same gene may be responsible for breast,colon and a few other cancers.I am planning to go for genetic couselling though in our country(India)facilities for gene mapping are limited.
    My love and good wishes Nisha