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doctor wont extend disabilty

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Hi all I have a question my oncologist said she wont extend my disasbilty because im not on chemo anymore but that dose not change the fact that im having side effects from the chemo im a nurse there is no way I can go back in this shape i need to get my strength back fully can some of you guys give me advice can she do this ?

Kent Cass
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Have you tried your regular Dr.? Could be the Oncolgist considers her treatment of you over and done with. Or, maybe try your ENT. True, the Oncologist should stay with your case if the problems are still chemo-related, but I doubt the Oncologist wants to recognize the long-term side effects people can experience- much simpler for them to deal with only when in active treatment. A lawyer might also be an option, but it does take money to go that route- though consulting with a lawyer in the field might not be too much, and then take it from there.

Good luck


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Survivor, I have used two of my doctors to extend my state disability. I asked my primary care doctor first, then my radiation oncologist. I sent them a letter explaining just what Kent said, that I was unable to function over an hour or two at any task. I listed my symptoms as fatigue related with specifics, and sent along a copy of the doctor's form that is used by state disability to make it easier for the doctor. Try writing your symptoms and send a request with the form to your primary. I don't really understand your oncologist's lack of understanding.
good luck, Hal

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thanks guys I made an appt with my ENT I also dont understand why dr li is not more understanding than this hopfully I get better positive results from the ENT and i will have a note of my symptoms also and again thanks guys u were very helpfull

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Hi S31, Good to hear from you again. Not that you need to know but while it is good to get back to work - it is definitely not a good idea to go back before you are both physically and emotionally ready. Stand your ground !!


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Hey scam! I will stand my ground you are right, I dont understand her lack of compassion when she works with this stuff every day and knows what it dose to the body even months after treatment is over, she wont even extend it to my next appt she flat out said no and im supposed to see her in a month and she canceled that appt this is one of those situation where you have to let go and let God. p.s (I have some of thoose vitamis we talked about) : ) hopfully the ENT dose a better job than this.

wife of chris
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I am so glad I found this site. I am new to this. My husband started treatment for stage 4 tonsil cancer in March of 2007, the social worker told me not to bother filing for disabilty. We have to small kids. They are just now 10 and 7, I should have filed back then. Chris has not worked since March of 2007. He has had nothing but problems. Every side effect there is he has. Right now he has an infection in the jaw and his doctors have been treating it with medication. They say he needs surgery to have part of the jaw bone removed. He has been denied disability two time, we have requested a hearing. His doctors tell me they do not understand why he is not getting it. He paid into the system for so long and when we need it it is not available. If anyone has a key word or something that would help in our filing please let me know. It is nice not to feel so alone. I need to get my husband on this site. He is so depressed and I do not know what to say anymore to help me.

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survivor, if you have been suffering with depression use the phyciatrist. My onco doc would not approve me either but my phyciatrist did. Good luck, please let us know if it works out.
God bless you,

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