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Scan results

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Hello my family,

I didn't want to say anything yesterday, but someone said that news I have is what our semi colon family would like to hear. My cancer nurse arranged my scan to be read asap, as she knew I was distressed over it. And I got a call yesterday to tell me that I'm still in the all clear. And I am very grateful for it, and I'm not going to waste another six months in distress. Love and hugs to you all.

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Hi Sonia,

That is terrific news! I am smiling and high-fiving you in South Carolina!


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back at you lizzy and hugs

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have I left bro speechless :-p that's a first, btw I tried calling you over the weekend will try again today so bewarned :-p hugs

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Yes - this is news we want to hear!! I am so happy for you - and thank you for sharing your great news with us. This board provides a lot of support through the rough times -- and one reason for that is that we get the joy of celebrating the good stuff. Yea for you! Hope you are finding good ways to celebrate....


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This is fantastic, wonderful news that this family definitely wants to hear; in fact my dream is for everyone here to hear that news (myslef included!). Enjoy + celebrate; you can move forward + do whatever you want. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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Nana b
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Many hugs to you- this is SUCH wonderful news!!!! I really felt in my heart that everything was going to be okay for you, so I was so very glad to hear this news and have that feeling confirmed!!

Now, girl, time to get on with productive and healthy living. :) You've got so much to live for. Don't look back on what you've lost- I know that's pretty hard- but focus your energy on your future and setting goals for your health and your life. You're so young and you can have a whole new life unfold before you, now. I will be here to support you through anything- I mean that.

Hugs and love to you,

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Makes me smile lots :-)))))


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Yeah!!!!! Congrats on the great wonderful news!


Fight for my love
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Hi dear Sonia,please don't let the distress get on you,please cheer up.I am so happy that your results are all clear.Take care.

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Glad to hear you got a clear scan,now go enjoy the victory.


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Wonderful news. You can do the naked happy dance at your option LOL. Good for you on the great results.


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Sonia, so glad to hear your happy news!!! As I said a couple of days ago, had fingers and toes crossed for you.
My family will be very happy to hear that I can now walk normally as I"m now able to uncross those short little toes of mine due to your good news!!!!

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